Oregon Potters Association Board Meeting – February 8, 2015

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Meeting time: 9:30 a.m.

Location: 921 SE 47th St., Portland


President: Donna Cole

Vice President: Pamela Beach

Past President: Karen Peters

Meeting called to order: 9:41 a.m. by Donna Cole

Attending: Donna Cole, Pamela Beach, Anthony Gordon, Linda Bourne, Denise Kruger, Victoria Shaw, Chris McClelland, Brenda Scott, Elisa Mitchell, Andy Clift, Dawn Panttaja, Larry Nelson, Susan Gallagher Turner, Jennifer Jasaitis, Deb Shapiro, Larry Nelson, Chris Baskin, Julie Asbury, Gretchen Lambert


Show at Eutectic Gallery of Wood Fired Pottery.

Dan Enis has had a stroke and is in rehab.

Motion to Approve Minutes:

Victoria Shaw moved to approve the minutes from the December Board meetings. Chris McClelland seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Julie Asbury

OPA made approximately $8000, mostly in the Clay in Education budget due to the Harrison estate. We lost $201 in membership. Ceramic Showcase 2014 lost $6300. If sales go back up into the $400,000 range with Ceramic Showcase 2015 we will be financially stable. We have money in the OPA reserve funds account. We made $206.76 in interest.

Motion: Larry Nelson moved to give interest earned from our investments to the OPA general fund. Andy Clift seconded the motion. Discussion – OPA is the organization without which Ceramic Showcase would not exist. Ceramic Showcase earns the bulk of the money. The health of the organization is the thing that needs to be focused on. Following discussion the vote was taken. The motion passed unanimously.

2015 Budget: Jennifer Jasaitis

Budget was approved in December. Budgets are based on assumptions. If the assumptions do not pan out the budget is impacted. We are down 47 members compared to this time last year. We are non profit and have not solicited funds from the public. This year we are seeking donations at Ceramic Showcase to benefit Clay in Education. This will not affect the OPA general budget but the decrease in membership will. The budget lists everyone’s job and what expenses are anticipated for each position. OPA does have a reserve. If a coordinator has an idea within their position that requires more money they can present that idea to the board. There is money in the budget for the Mashiko potters show. $4600 has been awarded through grants for this event and this puts the budget back in the black. Jennifer will be sending everyone a copy of the budget via email.

Old Business:

Tom Coleman workshop:

Will be held at Rock Creek PCC. Currently determining how much to charge and how many people can attend. PCC will probably allow 30 students. We are looking at $6500-7500 for two days but we can also do a one day workshop. It is likely to be a $65 fee for OPA members. The workshops are scheduled for the 23Rd, 24th of October. Lecture Friday night, perhaps, and an exhibition at the same time. If Tom does not do an exhibition then perhaps Pat Hoarsely, Don Sprague and others from the “group of friends” might show.

OPA Scholarship:

Information had been sent to all the high schools in our service area. There are 247 high schools. Karen French was getting ready to send out a reminder post card. Karen’s husband has converted her files to Word. Post cards have been printed and will go out in the mail on Monday. Karen Peters has been pinch hitting but cannot continue in this role. She will help whoever takes over, but cannot do the job. No applications from interested students have been received as of yet. Deb Shapiro has gotten copies of Karen French’s forms and has updated them. It is a $1000 scholarship for a Junior or Senior. There will be a request for someone to take this job in the newsletter. Both Karen Peters and Deb Shapiro will help anyone who takes it on.

New Business:

Donna passed out her plan for 2015 and asks that each position use this as a reference to keep them on track without feeling overloaded.

Membership: Andy Clift

Andy encouraged everyone to put their events/information on the online calendar on OPA website. He will be sending everyone a link to that calendar in the next few days. He is working on an email to send to the members about the benefits of OPA membership.

Board rosters have been passed out. Make sure your information is correct on both rosters.

Hector Macias has volunteered for the position of Technical Coordinator. It is a 6 point job.

OPA Logo: Pamela Beach

The OPA logo will be updated. She feels the OPA and Ceramic Showcase logos should be tied together to form a visual association for the public. She will wait until after Ceramic Showcase 2015 and work on both of them together. Jennifer Jasaitis will send her notes on the discussion that occurred when the mission statement was being designed. Color may be considered as long as it’s use works in both color and black and white environments. The timeline is somewhat fluid. She will have some ideas for the next board meeting. Printing for Ceramic Showcase 2016 starts by the March general membership meeting., but there is no need for the OPA logo to be updated by that time. Pam welcomes ideas from others.


If there is old information on the website please correct it. Linda Bourne is looking at it and contacting those people that are affected. Linda will be talking with Becky Clark to find out how she wants people to add/subtract information from the website. Email Becky Clark for instructions. Keep in mind it is not Becky’s responsibility to create the information on the website.


Those Board members and Program Coordinators who are new to their position need to get their it to Nick Molatore so that they can receive the positional email address and instructions on how to link it to their person address. There is confusion between the OPA email addresses and the personal address. MailChimp is up and running but Donna is not sure everyone got the mail as she did not get RSVPs from everyone. When you respond to a MailChimp it goes back to to person who sent it. If you go into the MailChimp account you can see who else received the original message. At the March general membership meeting Pamela will remind members to take OPA out of your spam box and they should have better luck getting emails. This information needs to be in the February newsletter because it is a paper copy mailed to everyone. Andy Clift will put together the information for the article.

Newsletter: Denise Krueger, Susan Gallagher-Turner

Newsletter is looking for submissions, The newsletter comes out every two months. The 10Th of month is Newsletter deadline. The hard copy of the newsletter goes out on the 25th of the month, the digital a couple of days later. Donna thinks it would be great if each of us wrote something for the newsletter. Any announcements related to Ceramic Showcase need to be in the February Newsletter.

Renaissance Faire

A Renaissance Faire occurs annually at the Washington County Fairgrounds for 6 weekends in August/September. They are looking for potters to have a booth for that event, pottery that harmonizes with the Renaissance era. A booth costs $900 for the entire event. No commission is taken. Period tents can be rented for $300 for the 6 weeks, there is also space inside. Modern pop-up or other style tents and canopies are not allowed. There is no electricity. Dawn Panttaja suggests Donna send out an explanatory message to the membership to see if there is someone interested in spearheading this opportunity.

Job Descriptions: Karen Peters

Karen Peters passed out job descriptions. There is no job description for the new Technical Coordinator. Hector will meet with Deb Shapiro and Elisa Mitchell to learn what they need and will put together a description. The Communications Coordinator job description is in the works, as well.

Presentations: Deb Shapiro

Program for the March general membership meeting will include booth choosing, a pot luck, and Eric Horn will have a demo on the stage with types of lighting and how it effects the look of the pottery. Lighting in the Ceramic Showcase hall will be lower so potters will need to depend upon themselves to light their booths. Julie will write a tidbit about this for the newsletter.

Showcase: Larry Nelson

Larry passed around the proposed drafts of the maps of the two rooms. Explained the “Go Wrong” booth, the naming of the aisles with booth addresses, the use of QR codes on signage. The move to the Memorial Coliseum is being emphasized in ads. The Info packet will include all of the load in/load out information. A load in/out schedule is being considered. Creating an OPA newsletter going to customers is an idea in the works, to inform the public of what we are doing, about Ceramic Showcase, artists having gallery shows, sales, Clay in Education, etc. Larry would really like to find someone to own this.

Communications: Linda Bourne

With the help of Hector Macias she will try to get a workshop going fairly soon, by the beginning of March, on using social media.

Empty Bowls:

Bring donations to empty bowls to the March meeting. Prices will be slowly adjusted upwards in the coming years.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m. by Donna Cole

Next Board meeting: Thursday April 9, 2015 at the Multnomah Arts Center. 6:00 p.m. pot luck followed by a joint Board and Program Coordinators meeting.

Submitted by Gretchen Lambert, Secretary