Ceramics Showcase Steering Committee – March 12, 2015

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Meeting time: 6:00 p.m.

Location: Jeanne Henry’s house

Committee Chairs: Debi and Larry Nelson

Committee Vice-Chair: Dawn Panttaja

Secretary: Gretchen Lambert

Meeting Called to Order: 6:48 p.m. by Larry Nelson


Larry Nelson, Debi Nelson, Dawn Panttaja, Jeanne Henry, Jennifer Jasaitis, Ted Ernst, Victoria Shaw, Charlie Piatt, Georgine Longfellow, Mary Huels, Karen Peters, Steve Schiefelbein, Alan Higinbotham, James DeRosso, Amy Fields, Anya Jackson, Ana Quinn, Debbie Dean, Sol Zimmerdahl, Claire Delffs, Michelle Gallagher, Ken Pincus, Gretchen Lambert


Anna Quinn moved to approve the minutes from the February meeting. Charlie Piatt seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous in favor of approval.

Charlie Piatt moved that we appoint Sara Swink as co-chair for the Graphics committee, Linda Workman-Morelli for Children’s Clay Trainee, Michelle Gallagher as Sponsorship chair, and Jeanne Henry as Sponsorship-in-Kind chair. Dawn Panttaja seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



  • Currently the layout has 146 booths. Of the four original uber booths one has been changed to two 10x 5 booths. Only two people have asked for uber booths. There are only 3 or four people on the waiting list. Due to lack of demand the uber booth across from the group booth will be converted to two 10×5 booths, leaving the remaining uber booths in corner positions. This year we have 7.5×10 foot booths. The fee for those will be $235.
  • Two people at the top of the waiting list want to be in Group Booth as they’ve never been in the show before. Group booth cannot be made bigger as we don’t have furniture for more. They may be interested in sharing a booth, but would need their own furniture, lighting, etc.
  • An “elder” booth will be considered for next year.

Application issue

Jim Keith has not responded to numerous contact efforts. Georgine will email him as annadditional attempt at contact.

Work Shifts

There may be a need for a call for volunteers.

Ambassadors – Ted Ernst

  • Badges will be ordered today. Pens will be too expensive after the badges have been ordered although ordering a small quantity is still being considered.
  • Dawn offered the loan of white pith helmets, about which Ted will talk to Sandy.


  • Nancy has been encouraged to get in touch with every committee chair who might have special load-in needs, such as Installation, Gallery, etc. It will be a Wednesday morning start as we can’t get in on Tuesday. There is another loading dock door that goes into the corridors, which would make load-in and out to the Georgia Pacific room easier. We will know if we can use that 30 days before Ceramic Showcase.
  • Larry went to the hall today, feeling unsettled about where the electricity is coming from. The drops are in the columns, there are a few column with only one working drop. In those cases a 20 – 30 ft; extension cord is all that should be needed. However, there is no power on the back wall, diagonal wall, front wall. When he inquired he was told to guarantee reliable for the whole show it would be $25 per booth. The representation at the time the contract was signed was that power would be available, and included, for the whole show. More conversations are needed with Brooke, our contact at the Memorial Coliseum.
  • Larry will also verify that there is power in the hallway. He does not believe there is an electrician on site.
  • The power in the Georgia Pacific room is along the walls. They are all 15 amps. We can always have more power brought in, for a price.
  • Alan will bring his electrical tools.
  • Debbie will see how much electricity she needs for the music booth.

Carpet Protection

  • Carpet protection for the Georgia Pacific room is still an open issue. It needs to be a surface that will not tear. We could rent a dance floor to create a hard surface and then then cover that, or lay out plywood.
  • Suggestions include getting used carpet from the airport, or carpet that is being discarded. It is believed that the airport carpet is coming out in small chunks.
  • If there is power in the hallway, about which Larry will check, Children and Adult Clay areas could be moved to the hallway and move the Installation into the Georgia Pacific room. If power is available Larry will check with chairs of the play clay areas to see if they approve of the move.
  • Demo areas also need protection, but they are small areas. Perhaps people will have area rugs they can donate.

Banners at the Memorial Coliseum – Amy Fields

  • There are light posts which are good to help us connect spaces. Putting the banners between the Moda Center and the Memorial Coliseum is not allowed during Blazer games. There are, however, plastic sleeves that we can put posters in all over the corridor between the two buildings. Therefore, Amy’s team will place posters and, if no games, hang banners.
  • We can also hang banners off the bike racks.
  • We cannot hang them from city light posts.
  • We have 20 banners.. We can use them, removing the vinyl lettering indicating last year’s date. This will leave space on the banners to place arrows directing people to our new location. Colored Duct tape could be used to make the arrows. Amy may need more than one person to help her with this increased level of work. Keeping in mind that committee members are expected to put in 8 to 12 hours of work she will notify the powers that be if she needs more help.
  • Are we still going to put posters in the sandwich boards?
  • Status of signage at max bus stops is unknown. Larry will check in with Dorothy Steele about this.
  • People at the Oregon Convention Center says their information booth staff will direct people to the Memorial Coliseum if they are asked where we are.
  • Things are being piled on Larry’s To Do list and he has not yet been able to check into having a booth at the Guilds show, which is at the Oregon Convention Center the weekend before Ceramic Showcase 2015.
  • The Roller Derby girls will help with moving around sandwich boards. They will be asked to be at the Oregon Convention Center 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. each morning of Ceramic Showcase, letting people know we’ve moved.
  • Larry went to see if we on the digital sign outside of Moda center and on Broadway. We weren’t but we are now!

Food Availability

  • There is no food in the hall itself.
  • Larry will check to see if we can get food carts in the plaza in front of the Memorial Coliseum. The Voodoo Donut truckers have already volunteered to park there if it is allowed.

Interior Signage

  • Street signs have been previewed. They look really good – official-looking green with white aluminum, and are on their way.
  • QR code that take you to a Ceramic Showcase webpage to tell you about what the sign means, what dealers are on that street, etc. will be by each sign. They will be mounted on pipe and drape. Debi and Becky are working on this.
  • Chris McClelland is working on the individual booth signs.

What Can Go Wrong Booth

  • Bring those unfortunate accidents to the booth during set up.
  • Sol Zimmerdahl will talk to the manager(s) at Georgies to see if they will bring their overfired kiln.

Customer Facing Newsletter

  • Larry has produced something that could be used. It will be sent to the list of people who have given their email addresses, with an unsubscribe button. To send this Larry will create a separate Mail Chimp account, which costs in the neighborhood of $50. Separating Ceramic Showcase related email from General Membership related email may help satisfy the member complaint of getting too many emails.
  • The electronic card is still being created but Mail Chimp doesn’t take attachments. They must be embedded in the mail. Dawn will contact Roberta to ask her to put the electronic card in the members-only part of the OPA website and then, when the card is there, will as Donna to notify the members via Mail Chimp.
  • It should be in the Info pack, too. Karen Washburn was not at this meeting to hear the suggestion.

Posters – Victoria Shaw

  • Victoria will take the posters to North Country and will bring the posters to the March meeting.
  • Larry and Victoria will work out how to divide the up posters.
  • Larry will talk to Roberta about when they are expected at Stark Street Studios.
  • Charlie will call Victoria when they arrive.

Music – Debbie Dean

  • Debbie Dean has received lots of offers to play. She has only booked the top tier artists at this point. At this meeting she was given a contact to a marimba player, as we cannot afford an entire marimba group. Other members offered contacts, which they will give to Debbie.
  • Buckman Elementary has a children’s marimba band. Anya will talk to the teacher. Possibly they could play in the hallway for a bit.

Ad Campaign – Claire Delffs

  • Work with Trimet is moving along, the final ad is almost set up, just needs a bit of fixing to the wording. She will change “145 Local Artists” to “200 Northwest Artists”. She will send Larry the King and Tail ads for the buses, to look at.
  • She has engaged a graphic artist who has the specs for the ad and all the pictures sent from the artists.
  • She has a phone meeting with KINK tomorrow to clarify details about the ads and the donated pottery campaign. The March 20th deadline can be extended a bit to get pottery from members at the general meeting. She still needs high resolution images for KINK’s on-line ad campaign. She has gotten a few offers of pottery donations for the KINK giveaway campaign but none so far from anyone in the immediate Portland area. Larry will take delivery of those pieces and get them to KINK.
  • Oregonian ad specs has been sent to the graphic artist but Claire hasn’t heard back yet, though she is not expecting problems. The artist has been given plenty of images from which to choose. Debi and Larry will look at the text Claire is thinking of using and then get back to her.
  • All of the images they’ve received are going up on all the social media sites, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Larry has agreed to be the contact between hosts and those looking for lodging. He will work with Donna to send this information to the general membership.

Sponsorship – Michelle Gallagher

  • Skutt has paid! $3000 for 2014 and 2015 and then will revert back to their $1500 level of support in 2016. They said they were never asked for the money.
  • Georgies gives about $1500 in kind.
  • Miller paint usually gives 5 gallons of white paint. They will be contacted by either Michelle or Jeanne. A gallon of black would be nice, too.
  • Michelle has been working on sponsorship and has contacted Fred Meyer regarding their Memorial Trust grant and an in-store goods grant. She hasn’t heard back about the in-store goods yet, but has heard back about applying for Memorial Trust grants they offer, one for $40,000 and above and one for $40,000 and below, both with a March15 deadline. She will proceed with this. There is a nebulous association between OPA and Ceramic Showcase sponsorship which needs to be worked out by the board.

Fun Activity

  • Do we need a fun activity at all? There is no main stage, which hampers things. A minimalist approach is in order for this year to better understand the location.
  • Steve would love to have a throw-a-thon, or some event with the high school students but the layout is still in flux and so he is hesitant to contact teachers. It might be possible to have an event like this in the hallway if that is where we are able to stage the Children and Adult Clay areas. Having lots of people in the hallways may also be against fire safety codes. Steve will tell the teachers on his mailing list that a throw off/relay, something, with high school students is being considered and more information will follow.

Educational Opportunities

  • This would be a year to hand out a curriculum to the schools who come to Ceramic Showcase to make sure they visit both rooms. Perhaps a scavenger hunt. It could be sent via the district mail to art teachers. There were no volunteers to take on this project.
  • Jennifer will try to get information from the teachers she sees from her post at the donations table to find out what their educational goals are in coming to Ceramic Showcase. She suggests the Info desk could do the same. Brenda Scott was not present to hear the suggestion.
  • Consideration for next year can include adding a display of elementary schools that have ceramic programs.

General Membership meeting

  • Charlie will print out big map to put up for everyone to look at and some small maps and some lists of picking order. Larry will MC. George and Mary will record the booths picked. Larry has images of the halls, the area around the Coliseum, etc., which will be on a video loop for people to see at the meeting.
  • The biggest expected questions will be about load-in. Dawn will arrange a meeting of the key traffic, truck and SSC leadership to brainstorm.
  • Larry wants us to all to send him a short email about what needs to be mentioned at the general meeting.

Mashiko Potters -Ken Pincus

  • Ruri and Jeanne will get the Mashiko potter’s boxes to the Memorial Coliseum at either 8:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, taking advantage of gaps in truck deliveries. If the corridor load in area is available it will be possible to take the Mashiko potter’s wares directly to the Georgia Pacific room.
  • Additionally they need the lobby pedestals. These come in with the first truck load along with the gallery pedestals and will be separated for their use.
  • The lighting for the Installation will be loaned, along with the Installation walls, to the Mashiko potters display. Jeanne thinks members will loan lighting if asked, and Alan suggests that some could be taken from the Gallery display.
  • Larry is discussing security with Peter, who was not at this meeting, to cover the Mashiko potters display. Peter will need to ascertain the level of security the Memorial Coliseum provides overnight. As a bit of help in keeping things secure, if the Installation is in the Georgia Pacific room there will be two committee members who, although their Installation responsibilities will preclude their being able to watch full-time, will none the less provide extra eyes on the Mashiko display.
  • Ken will talk to Frank Gosar about the wording on the map about the Mashiko potters.
  • They will need to provide their own extension cords if they are in the middle of the room. It may be that for a fee the Memorial Coliseum can run the cords and provide the cord walk to make the cords safe.
  • Roberta Lampert is designing a pamphlet about the potters to sell at the event.
  • They will need to contact Michael Simmons to find out if they can have a kiosk.
  • There should be an event to honor them at Ceramic Showcase.

Theme “Welcome Home” – How are we demonstrating this?

  • Mashiko potters coming home after the nuclear disaster will be emphasized at their booth. Perhaps someone from the Mashiko potter’s display committee can put a piece of wood such that might be used to fire a wood kiln, but can’t now because the wood is radioactive, with narrative signage, into the What Can Go Wrong booth. Plates of Plenty Installation helps promote the theme.
  • Perhaps a small set with chair, bit of pottery, or a small table, lamp etc. in an empty booth. James volunteers his van to help move small furniture.
  • We can print out a Welcome Home sign for each booth holder to use if they choose. Would this be Chris McClelland’s responsibility? She was not present at the meeting to hear the suggestion.
  • At the General Membership meeting artists can be encouraged to exemplify the theme in a small part of their display.

Party, Party, Party

  • No end-of-the day, or end-of the show party has been arranged at this point. A volunteer to make this happen would be great!
  • The Mashiko potters need to be honored in some way.
  • Larry is going to talk to Brooke about comestible options for such a party.
  • Saturday night will see the high school awards, the scholarship presentations, the Ray Grimm Memorial Award and the Best Booth Award at 6 o’clock p.m. on the Music stage. The High school throwing event, if it happens, can be at 5 o’clock.

Empty Bowls

  • A place for potters to donate leftovers will be in the draped-off “potters lounge” area, similar to the shelves that were there for that purpose last year. The donated wares will be removed shortly before the end of Ceramic Showcase to prepare for load-out.
  • They are preparing a tri-fold pamphlet to put in their section of the OPA booth, which will be in the Georgia Pacific room.
  • They will also have “save the date” cards to advertise Empty Bowls at the Blues Festival which they will put in the OPA booth, at the Info booth and at the donation table.


Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m. by Larry Nelson

Next meeting: Tuesday, April 7th Jennifer Jasaitis 2701 NW Cornell Rd. pot luck 6:00 p.m., meeting 6:30 p.m.

Submitted by Gretchen Lambert, Secretary