Ceramics Showcase Steering Committee  – April 7, 2015

Ceramics Showcase Steering Committee – April 7, 2015

Ceramics Showcase Steering Committee – April 7, 2015

Meeting time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Jennifer Jasaitis’ house

Committee Chairs: Debi and Larry Nelson

Committee Vice-Chair: Dawn Panttaja

Secretary: Gretchen Lambert

Meeting Called to Order: 6:38 p.m. by Larry Nelson


Larry Nelson, Debi Nelson, Dawn Panttaja, Jennifer Jasaitis, Ted Ernst, Sandy Segna, Ana Quinn, Ginny Gibson, Jeanne Henry, Michele Gallagher, Mary Huels, Amy Fields, Charlie Piatt, Georgine Longfellow, Jeff Gunn, Frank Gosar, Julie Asbury, Donna Cole, Linda Bourne, Gretchen Lambert


Ted Ernst moved to approve the minutes from the March meeting. Jeff Gunn seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.


Pipe and Drape –

  • Larry not heard from Penelope about pipe and drape. We are putting up drape in the hall, most likely beige with a hint of plum for color.
  • It is possible the fire marshall will restrict the space we can use in the hall. Not having drape there will increase safety but then we need somewhere to hang the signs.
  • We will use pipe with no drape, the feet of the pipe protected by boxes to eliminate tripping hazard. We can hang the banners and signs on the pipe.


  • The Coliseum provides take care of all the furniture we need in the hallways, so we need to work with them to get what we need for Children and Adult Clay areas.
  • The mailing list Drawing tables were provided by the Oregon Convention Center. We will need them. Ginny will make the necessary inquiries about how many tables are needed.


  • Amy is making great progress on outdoor signage. The banners have last year’s date taken off and will be put out any time now.
  • She has scouted out the area and is making plans for where to hang the banners and posters. There are restrictions depending upon the Blazers’ games. We should know about the Blazers only a week or two in advance. They’re still winning. As soon as Larry knows the schedule he will notify all Ceramic Showcase participants. We can’t hang anything on the big courtyard and alleyway if the Blazers are playing.
  • Bike racks can be put where we want them to be and we can put banners on them.
  • We are on the digital sign. Sandwich boards are available if we are allowed to put them on the street around the Oregon Convention Center.
  • We will hold on to a couple of banners to place at the least minute to connect our old and new venues. Charlie has posters available for Amy, though they should be laminated first.
  • We are not allowed to draw footprints or anything else with chalk on the sidewalk.

Interior signs

  • Still kind of a grey area. Larry will get in touch with Anya Jackson.
  • Penelope sent info about what signs she has for the sales/holding area. Karen Peters and Mary Huels will connect with Penelope about them.
  • Brenda will print up cards that say “new work” to offer to artists to use in their booths.
  • Julie thinks we should have little tent signs directing people to holding area, pointing out helpful people, etc. also printed and ready to offer to artists. The ambassadors could have those signs to offer to vendors. Larry asks that Julie contact Brenda.
  • Larry will bring heavy wire to hang banners, and a 16 ft. ladder for hanging banners.

Go Wrong Booth

  • We need signs and a better title, perhaps “Challenges on the Way to Success” or “Steps to a Finished Piece”.
  • We do not know who is bringing what. Larry would like to see a mountain of pieces, all stages of problems.
  • Julie suggests we put in a call with specific requests to the participants. General announcements have been made a number of times.
  • Volunteer needed – It would be nice to have a dedicated person to this booth.
  • Some sort of note taped to each piece should say what wen wrong. Julie always has card stock and a computer at Ceramic Showcase. She thinks reasonable signs could be made. Post It notes seems to be more casual, denoting things discarded.
  • The area should not look like an artists booth with things for sale, etc.

Empty Booths

  • We currently have three empty booths, 10×10 booths #98 and #142, and 5×10 booth #114. We could eliminate #114 without the layout looking odd.
  • We have only one member looking for a full booth but she has only been a member beginning 2015. It is unknown if she is a Gallery Only participant.
  • There are 3 people on the waiting list but they are waiting for a spot in group booth. Of those people one has opted to drop to Gallery Only. The other 2 have not returned messages. Julie has enough furniture to fill a 10×20 booth that she is willing to loan if those two people would like to share one of the empty 10×10 booths. Would it be reasonable to talk to long term members in Group Booth to appeal to their team spirit to take a small booth or share a booth?
  • Should we open Ceramic Showcase participation to new 2015 members? Andy can give us a list of brand new members. We need to be absolutely fair to everyone already paid and participating.


Mary Huels moved that we send out an email to people who are in Group Booth booth or Gallery Only and let them know we have booths available. They have to get back to us soon and they need to pay the appropriate fees. Dawn Panttaja seconded.

  • Discussion: Do we want to put out that furniture may be available, to contact Julie. Linda Bourne will send the pertinent lists to Georgine. People should reply to Georgine and Georgine will copy Linda and Charlie. Printing deadline for the map is usually a week before the event. Charlie will coordinate with Frank.

Motion carried unanimously.

If we still have empty booths come showtime –

  • We could make the music area a little bigger to get rid of one of the booths
  • put a curtain across one to make a mini storage for localized people
  • one could be a collaborative “Welcome Home” spot.
  • Georgies booth could be moved from the Georgia Pacific room to the main hall.
  • There is a funding program available for the public from PGE to put in solar panels. PGE will put an informational booth in a venue about solar panels if we want. And if we want them, would we charge them and if so how much? If we can do a tangible tie to ceramic arts then yes, otherwise it seems like just advertising.
  • We could expand the Gallery so that Gallery Only people could have more than one piece at a time on display. This would need to be organized and managed. There are some black and red odd pedestals in the storage unit.
  • We could utilize empty booths for seating, places with tables to eat.
  • We should photo every single booth, area, etc. from every angle to help us next year.

A problem is developing in the storage units –

  • Things are going in that are not marked. The accounting stuff is in Julie’s’ storage. The other has things from Clay in Education, Empty Bowls, products to sell, i.e. bags, cookbooks, t shirts, and old Ceramic Showcase records,. Dawn is missing Installation’s light bars.
  • Julie will send a list of Ceramic Show chairs to the storage facility as they need a list of people allowed in.


  • There isn’t any electricity along the wall so we have to hire an electrician to come in to provide electricity to the booths along the perimeter, and some extra access in the Gallery.

Carpet Protection –

  • Larry will get a roll of clear plastic stick down stuff that will be plenty enough and cost less than $100.

Food –

  • It is way to late to line up food carts. However, the Voodoo Donuts truck will be parked outside if at all possible in the Voodoo schedule.
  • The Memorial Coliseum can give us a more up scale menu, but the items cost more. There is no cost to us to have food available for purchase. There will be beer and wine available as well. We will request it be available from 2 o’clock to close.
  • Food will be served out of the windowed area which will not take up hall space. Although at the Oregon convention Center lines rarely formed by the food windows this may negatively affect those people with booths across from the windows? There should be plenty of room so that this is not a problem.
  • We need a sign that says “Cafe Seating in the Georgia Pacific Room”.
  • Could we talk to the people in those booths across from the food windows to see if they would like to move to empty booths? Charlie will call them and talk to them about it.
  • For our Friday night Meet and Greet/Mashiko Potter reception Jeanne’s daughter works at Sam’s Billiards, 1845 NE 41st Ave., Portland. They have amazing food. For $250 we get a private upstairs room. We would buy own food, drink and tip. It is 2.5 miles, a 50 minute walk for those interested in that sort of thing, from the Memorial Coliseum. They are holding the room until April 8. As this is not a Ceramic Showcase expense due to the reception aspect for the Mashiko potters it needs to be brought up to the Board for funding. The Board meets Thursday, April 9th. Jeanne will call Sam’s and explain our funding process to get them to hold the room until Friday, April 10th. Jeanne will also try to get complimentary meals for the Mashiko potters and any other dignitaries that are invited. If the restaurant doesn’t agree then funding for this will also need to be approved by the Board. Additionally there may be funding in the grant for this event.


  • Our Social Media Coordinator, Cathi Newlin, said it is possible to advertise Ceramic Showcase online, targeting people by zip codes and ages. Dawn will work with Cathi to make this happen.
  • Looks like we will have one to three roller derby girls for a few hours on both Friday and Saturday, skating around the Oregon Convention Center, but it would be really great to pay them. We have an opportunity to try things differently this year with so many variables and unknown. Dawn will make up some small info handouts for the skaters to hand out. Dawn will contact Roberta Lampert to create a simple message.


Mary Huels moved to spend no more than $300 to have the roller derby girls skate in front of the Oregon Convention Center and advertise our show. Larry Nelson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


  • Load in will be first come first serve.
  • For people with trailers, on the north side of the Memorial Coliseum there is a lot called the North sSage Lot, with 35 spaces, which we could rent for $400 a day. It has in and out accessibility. People would be charged $36 a day per trailer. Also, depending on the playoffs, we can park in the Garden lot, also in and out, for $10 total. If there is a playoff it is $8 a day.
  • Across Interstate we can park in the lot for load in and load out days. Trailers could stay there for the weekend. (not the truck, just the trailer.)
  • We can wait until we find out about the playoffs before making parking decision.


  • We may have a seat at the Gathering of the Guilds show. They are also meeting tonight. We do not have anything to offer them except our goodwill. We can pay for the space, if they want. We will know tomorrow.

Donations for Clay in Education Table

  • Jennifer needs two cash boxes to take donations. She will provide them.
  • She has not yet ordered the “I support OPA Clay in Education program” stickers.
  • The table will be in the middle between the two halls.
  • She is working with Carole Hayne about the initial cash needs. She would like to take charge cards. Is there a way to do this? It could be set up to go through the OPA account. Larry has an unused iPhone4, an At&T phone. It would need to go through AT&T, for one month. Debi Nelson will check with AT&T to see if it is possible to use their old phone for this for one month service. She will talk to Anya Jackson about signage.


  • They were there last year and did not pay us. No UPS this year.

Paper and boxes

  • Paper the Oregonian is donating. Jeanne will make one last plea for unfolded paper, like roll ends. However, in the event that they give us folded paper please consider helping to unfold when you get a few spare moments during Ceramic Showcase. It is free, after all.
  • There will be a place to put the excess cardboard after the show.


  • Are back in! Best in Show, Best Booth Awards will be given. As well as Ray Grimm, and Best High school. Kris Paul is organizing a judging committee for Best in Show. Best Booth will be voted on all day Friday.
  • For Ray Grimm award the area schools need to be reached out to so Karen Peters has worked out a plan for next year.
  • If we knew how many students come in on Friday we could assess a per student charge to Clay in Education. The donation table could have a school check in, or the OPA booth, or the Info booth, to learn how many students actually come. Counters can direct the teachers to check in.

Mashiko Gallery

  • Needs light bars. Dawn cannot find them in the storage unit. Jeanne will put out an email request.
  • They need people to volunteer to hang around the gallery to provide security. Ropes and stanchions are being considered.
  • There will be 1000 catalogs for sale at $5 each. Sell 340 and we break even.
  • The pedestals will need to be painted and/or touched up.
  • They will need extension cords. Dawn will loan them hers.
  • They need rubber mats or Gaffers (no Duct) tape to cover the cords.
  • They are attempting to get an Art work insurance ridder. They cannot add one to our current insurance and they are having trouble finding a company willing to insure. If they cannot find insurance then OPA may have to pick up paying for any breakage. In a worst case scenario this could be huge, more than OPA can cover. The Japanese Gardens may be able to insure the work on their policy.
  • Donations cover welcome gifts, paint, newsprint.

Work shifts

  • There are some holes in the shifts but Steve is working still on it. Contact Steve with questions or problems.

Ceramic Showcase 2016

  • The Memorial Coliseum folks want us to sign a multiyear contract but we are uncomfortable with doing that as we do not know how this year will go. We need to see what happens this year and Dawn wants to find out what the Expo center will do for us, even if to only use it as a bargaining chip.


  • Karen Peters is picking up the new credit card machines, 9 machines, $40 per machine, $1 to disconnect afterward. 1.1% is the credit card company’s cut. She will be meeting someone to train her to use the machines.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. by Larry Nelson

Next meeting: Larry attempted to schedule the wrap meeting. It will be a long one. However, a consensus could not be reached He will send out an email request to help pick the day.

Submitted by Gretchen Lambert, Secretary