Oregon Potters Association Board Meeting – April 9, 2015

Oregon Potters Association Board Meeting – April 9, 2015

Oregon Potters Association Board Meeting – April 9, 2015

Meeting time: 5:15 p.m.

Location: 2701 NW Cornell Rd., Portland, OR


President: Donna Cole

Vice President: Pamela Beach

Past President: Karen Peters

Meeting called to order: 5:26 p.m. by Donna Cole

Attending: Donna Cole, Pamela Beach, Andy Clift, Chris Baskin, Michelle Gallagher, Larry Nelson, Marlene Huntsinger, Brenda Scott, Dawn Panttaja, Gretchen Lambert

Motion to Approve Minutes:

Andy Clift moved to approve the minutes from the February meeting and Chris Baskin seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Mashiko Exhibition: Michelle Gallagher

  • There will be 1000 Catalogs for sale at $5 a piece. Selling 340 is the break even point.
  • The display will use stanchions to create the space and a “door” so that people can’t go in and out at all angles. This will provide a measure of security people are still needed to take shifts to help watch. Additional insurance has not been obtained but the Japanese Gardens insurance company, BHN, will provide the insurance at a rate of between $200 – $500.
  • They will not be using the projector.
  • They are preparing a list of people to invite to the opening day of the Ceramic Showcase. Some of these will be invited to the evening reception held at Sam’s Billiard’s 7:30 – 10:30 p.m. Friday night. Looking to comp food and drinks for the Mashiko potter, his daughter, the Japanese Consulate General and guest and possibly a couple of people from RAC. The comps will be paid for out of the Mashiko Exhibit budget. Jeanne Henry has not yet reported back regarding the cost of renting the room at Sam’s Billiards. The Reception is for all OPA members, the honored guests, and Ceramic Showcase participants. When Jeanne reports the particulars of the room rental to the Board a decision regarding from which budgets the event will funded will be made.
  • Georgies will be providing the different clays for the Mashiko potter for Ceramic Showcase use.
  • The Japanese Gardens is paying for the shipping and storage of the work.
  • The expenses for the Mashiko Exhibit booth are covered by the RAC grant. In kind donations are acceptable within the grant.
  • Jeanne Henry is getting donations of small items that fit into Ceramic Showcase bags. She would like nine Ceramic Showcase bags and Ceramic Showcase t-shirts. Jennifer Jasaitis will give Michelle Gallagher the whole box of t-shirts so that the sizes needed will be available. She will also give Michelle the nine bags.
  • With the RAC grant and the $1000 voted for by OPA Board of Directors they should have enough money. RAC gave them ½ up front. They need to know that expenses will be covered by OPA and reimbursed when the grant money comes in.

Marlene Huntsinger moved that we approve the sale at cost of nine Ceramic Showcase bags and t-shirts, and one cookbook as gifts for the Mashiko potters. Chris Baskin seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

OPA Booth at Ceramic Showcase 2015: Chris Baskin

  • The OPA booth is planned and set up by the Clay in Education chair and Board Members at Large.
  • Empty Bowls are part of the OPA booth as well.
  • Jennifer Jasaitis asks that if Chris Baskin can give her, at the donation tables, information about what Clay in Education does that would be good.
  • Chris would like to have a projector to run a presentation. The projector was already slated for use at Ceramic Showcase to show videos from the OPA video library as additional entertainment. Perhaps the projector can be shared. Chris Baskin and Larry Nelson will talk. This will be brought up at the Program Coordinators meeting which follows this Board meeting.

Ceramic Showcase 2015: Larry Nelson

  • Unknowns still include filling empty booths. The layout may still be changed slightly.
  • Food will be available at the concession windows. Also, the Voodoo Donut truck will probably be there, parked outside. Food will be available for the entire show hours, beer and wine from 3 o’clock to close each day.
  • The lot across Interstate will have to be used to queue for load in and load out. If there is no Trailblazer playoff, parking will cost $10 for the entire show. If there are playoff games it will cost $8 a day to park. Trailer parking is also available but much is dependent on the playoff game schedule, which is not known at this time.
  • The street signs for the interior look really good. QR codes to explain the name on the sign will be attached to the street signs to provide fun and information for our customers.
  • Becky has been working on individual pages for the showcase website.
  • There is no electricity around the walls which is adding an expense to run that electricity. It is still less than what we were paying at the Oregon Convention Center. Larry will have a few extra drops brought in as some of the columns have no power. Event Lighting will be providing the additional electrical installation.
  • The 26 ft. truck used for load in and out does not fit into the building. It can be backed in. Load in will be less a challenge than load out as there is a lot more time for load in. Larry will double check the contract for the hours available for this.

Grants: Michelle Gallagher

  • She met with Karen Peters and Jere Grimm to choose the recipient of the Ray Grimm Memorial grant. It is Helen Bommarito of The Art Station, a project of Arts Central. The award provides $1500, which along with matching funds, Helen will use to buy a new 1227 Skutt kiln.
  • As co-chair of the Sponsorship committee Michelle opened the discussion as to whether or not sponsorship thru grants is desired for the entire organization rather than just Ceramic Showcase. There are funding opportunities that we can get to run our organization, potentially large ones. The challenge is to get volunteers to run things as we have no paid employees. Jennifer Jasaitis commented that in looking at grants we need to start small, which is one of her goals in the gathering of donations at Ceramic Showcase 2015, to help us prove community involvement for future grant applications. As we are looking to the future we may want to create a list of goals to use as a guideline to tackle each year. Larry Nelson commented that if we could do some one-on-one projects to support our own members, to make OPA worthwhile to be part of. Again, it takes people interested in taking on the project and it is difficult to get funding to support ourselves. To which Jennifer responded that it depends on presentation. Part of the process is to start educating the larger donors to develop this area of art in the local community, to make this area known for its ceramic arts. Chris Baskin reminded the Board that Portland is hosting NCECA in 2017. He suggests that after Ceramic Showcase 2015 we should get together to set goals to get funding to do things to bring attention to Northwest Ceramic Arts. Larry Nelson feels there should be a way to get connected to the national art calendars as we are the only volunteer run large scale ceramic art show in the country. In summary, pursuing grants was decided by general consensus to be a good goal. It would be good to build some NCECA awareness among our members and the public. Perhaps we can connect with the NCECA coordinators to become involved with the early stages. It would be interesting to reserve a space to show work somewhere in town during the event. Getting connected with NCECA is something that needs to happen within the next 6 months as NCECA gears up. There are pre- and post- event opportunities associated with the conference as well.

Meeting adjourned 6:37 p.m. by Donna Cole

Next meeting: Monday, June 8. Location and time to be determined.

Submitted by Gretchen Lambert, Secretary