Oregon Potters Association General Meeting – May 8, 2105

Oregon Potters Association General Meeting – May 8, 2105

Oregon Potters Association General Meeting – May 8, 2105

Meeting time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Multnomah Arts Center


President: Donna Cole

Past President: Karen Peters

President Elect: Pamela Beach

Meeting called to order by Donna Cole at 6:36 p.m.


Empty Bowls:

If any one has donations please bring them to Georgies. A donation was received from Overlook Veterinary Hospital to cover printing fees for promotional materials. Pat Brame is looking for strong people to help with Empty Bowls as he is not quite up to speed after his hip surgery. Contact Pat.

Mashiko Potter’s Workshops:

Jenny is here with sign up sheets for the workshops being offered by the Mashiko potters while they are here. The workshops are filling up and some have limited space to begin with. Also, there is a catalog available for $5 displaying their work. An exhibit of the work will be at the Japanese Gardens, opening on the 6th of June. It will be augmented by work from additional Mashiko potters. There will also be some work for sale, both at the Japanese Gardens and at the workshops. Donna would love to have OPA members show a strong presence at the opening. There will be pieces at the Gardens that are from a private collection and are rarely seen.

Moko has had contact from the Hokiado association of potters and they have invited OPA to participate in their show in September 2018. More to follow as we get information.

NCECA 2017:

Kris and Deb Shapiro suggest that we move the date of the 2017 Ceramic Showcase to coincide with the NCECA convention that will be here in Portland the last weekend in March,, 2017. 6000 potters attended this past convention held in Rhode Island. We do not know where the convention will be headquartered, but we have contacts. Last time they were here we had a few shows, but very little to show for ourselves as an organization. The people who go to these conferences are clay lovers; collectors, potters, teachers, students, and they buy pottery. If our dates coincide we would have potentionally 6000 more customers. It also gives us a chance to show ourselves as the great organization we are. We are the largest volunteer ceramic show in the country. A conflict would be that it would be more difficult for our potters to attend any of the conference events. We do not have a date secured at the Memorial Coliseum. There is another group that usually has that date at the Coliseum and we are on hold to see if we can be penciled in. We do not know where they are holding the conferences, but are working on finding out. The current assumption is that they will be at the Oregon Convention Center. There is a concern that customers will not be able to find us with such a big change in date. We would need to be very proactive is getting the word out. There is a great potential to put OPA on the national “map” of awareness. It would perhaps broaden the recognition of OPA within the national clay community. NCECA tracks the shows that are open all over the cities in which they are having their confernces. NCECA has opportunities for day attendence, for volunteers, etc. At this point Deb and Kris are just gathering information and brought the idea to this meeting to determine if there was enough interest so far for them to continue their efforts.

Ceramic Showcase 2015:

Sales – $286,550

Installation – $2,471

Products (bags, shirts) – $519

Mashiko potters catalogs – $255

Total Sales – $289,795

Donations for Clay in Education – $2,107

Thank you to Jennifer Jasaitis for her dedication and vision in initiating the donation program.

Attendance was down approximately 10,000 people.

Next year perhaps no long alleys, the road signs worked. Signage out of the parking garages is needed. Elevators were hard to find. Wrap meeting is open to all, 5/17 at the Nelson’s 11:00 am

Program: Naked Raku by Kris Paul

Submitted by Gretchen Lambert, Secretary