Ceramic Showcase Artist Spotlight: Avi Harriman

Avi Harriman-Crystalline Glaze.JPG11 (5) Avi was introduced to clay and the creative  process of throwing at Mt. San Antonio  College outside Los Angeles, California. His  creative journey took him to Mexico where he  studied sculpture and bronze casting in San  Miguel de Allende. His most recent studies  have been at Maude Kerns with Thanbinh  Doung a renowned and accomplished potter  ,who is an exacting teacher, and at the  University of Oregon with Jason Solomon.  Currently, he is exploring the magical world  of crystal glAvi Harriman-Crystalline Glaze (3)azes and has the goal of becoming a Crystallière (one who is an avid, expert crystal glazer). His pottery is classic in line, often of goodly girth with stunning crystal glazes. He is also a novice glass artist who hopes to explore this media extensively one day.

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