Ceramic Showcase Artist Spotlight: Dave Parry

image003 Two people and two dogs, making beautiful  functional pottery in Eugene, Oregon

Moving to Eugene from England in 2009 was  a chance to reassess what captured our  attention and how we wanted to spend our  days. After a five year break from pottery,  during which he trained to be an Arborist,  Dave was itching to return to his wheel and our spare bedroom was turned into a mini studio. For several years Dave juggled being the local Tree Surgeon/Potter and where else but Eugene is that viable?

In 2011 we found our much loved home with a full basement andimage004 rickety 1920s garage and Whistle Post Pottery was born. The following year growing demand for his work enabled Dave to launch himself once again into the world of full-time Potter.

As the business continues to grow Dave has hired on his ever reliable wife, Melissa, to do lots of a little of everything. She often has Frida and Dory, two much-loved mutts, in tow. Their artistic contributions are questionable but they are fantastic for morale.

Now our home and garden is one big studio come dog run and whilst we will never feature in House Beautiful we are mostly content toiling away in general disarray.


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