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Clay in Education

Clay in Education


The OPA sponsors a Clay in Education program, which was created to provide clay instruction by professional potters in the community.  A portion of our annual dues provides partial funding for our projects.  The remainder comes from donated pottery for sale and our installation each year at Ceramic Showcase. Our members create a clay piece based on a theme, which are displayed and sold to the public.

OPA’s Clay in Education program supports higher education by donating funds and scholarships to artist residencies, the OPA Scholarship Program and the Scholastic Art Awards.

We also provide clay activities at Ceramic ShowcaseArt in the Pearl , and OMSI Mini Maker Faire, three of the finest art venues in Portland .  Many of our members are also experienced teachers and participate in our artist residency program.  Artists are available to teach in any public, private, parochial, or non-profit community site.


OPA Residencies

Artist residencies are partially funded by OPA.  The Clay in Education program pays 50% of the artist’s fee and the school or organization pays the additional 50% directly to the artist.  The artist’s hourly wage is $40.00.  If you are a title one school, or an organization requesting additional funding, please include an explanatory letter with your application for a residency and increased funding.  Funding is not unlimited and therefore will be allocated on a first come first served basis with a maximum of 40 hours per site. Sites may contract for more hours with the artist and pay the entire $40 per hour.  Costs for consumable supplies for residencies are in additional to the program fees.  A contract is administered prior to the Clay in Education experience.  Residencies are available to offer an awareness of ceramic art forms and to introduce students to new skills, which can be applied to existing curriculum.  OPA ceramic artists are professionals with considerable experience and expertise.

Common questions regarding Clay in Ed:

Who qualifies to teach?
– Any OPA member in good standing can participate in a Clay in Ed residency.
Do you need a degree in teaching?
-No, a degree is not necessary
Is a background check necessary?
   -We do require a background check.
What time commitment is there?
   -You will be responsible for working with the organization to plan the residency. Payment will be for classroom hours only.
How do I get paid?
   -Upon completing the residency you will notify the Clay in Ed chairperson and they will submit an approval for the   disbursement of funds for the pre- approved number of hours to the Treasurer.

What kinds if projects have been done in the past?
   -Schools have created large pieces such as wall murals and garden totems as well as smaller individual projects that deal with beginning clay skills.
Does teaching need to be done in a school?
  -No, an art center or cultural center is ok.
Can I teach adults as well as students?
   -Yes, there are no age restrictions.

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