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Community Service Projects: Oregon Potters Association:

  • “Empty Bowls” benefits the Oregon Food Bank through OPA members’ donated work. The Oregon Potters Association has raised more than $270,000 to date.
  • “Clay in Education” has provided teachers (320 hours,)materials and curriculum in 40+ schools and programs, with only 2% administrative expenses.
  • College Scholarships & teaching awards: $9,000 given; $5,800awarded through the Oregon Scholastic Awards
  • After the earthquake in Mashiko, Japan, our kiln rebuilding fund raised $10,186, mostly through the sale of donated tea bowls.
  • 2013:  Members of the Oregon Potters Association taught special needs students tile making and shipped 80 6” tiles to Japan for a joint exhibition featuring 500 tiles made by special needs children of Oregon and Hokkaido.
  • 2014/15:  The Oregon Potters Association hopes to reproduce this successful and rewarding exhibition of tiles made by special needs children in Oregon, inviting Hokkaido children to participate.
  • Yearly Benefit Installations sample beneficiaries: Habitat for Humanity, Hurricane Katrina House- $7,495 Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon – $3,000. Medical Teams International, $3500.
  • 2015 Installation Beneficiary is Growing Gardens a local non-profit helping low income families and schools set up gardens to grow their own food.

Educational Components: Oregon Potters Association’s Ceramic Showcase

  • OPA’s Ceramic Showcase has become the largest all clay show in the country with 20,000 people in attendance.  Over 200 potters from Oregon and SW Washington operate this all-volunteer, free-to-the-public event, working many thousands of hours.
  • Buses bring High School students from throughout the Metro Portland area to Ceramic Showcase, not only to immerse themselves in the ceramic community, but also to interview our members, see the works of 200 NW ceramic artists and learn from the ongoing stage demonstrations by master potters.
  • OPA members teach in both Adult Clay and Children’s Cay areas providing hundreds an opportunity to experience working with clay by hand or wheel.
  • Our acoustic stage features local musicians during all show hours.
  • The 2014’s focus is international: The inspiration that each potter finds in the cultures, land, people and ceramics from around the world.