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Justice Center Sidewalk Gallery


About the windows:
The Windows are located on SW Madison St. between 2nd & 3rd Ave Portland,
Oregon. .
Installations are administered by elected volunteers that are members of Oregon
Potters Association (OPA). There are no commissions or fees for displaying artwork.
Artwork has excellent exposure to pedestrians, and items regularly sell. Artwork is not
insured, either by the Justice Center, OPA or the designated liaison, so please make
arrangements for your own coverage as needed.
There are three “windows”. Each window is about 5′ tall x 20’ long, and about 22” deep.
Each window has six 40” full-height panes; the two on each end open to gain access,
and the middle panes are fixed. They are not heated or moisture proof. Windows are
number 1,2,3 from west to east (towards the river). Number three gets the most sun
exposure. During warm months don’t put anything that could melt or be sun damaged in
that window. In winter months dress warm and waterproof, it gets very cold.
Windows open onto the sidewalk and are loaded from the sidewalk (which is not
Windows are loaded (filled) on Sunday morning at 10am and unloaded at 9:00am
because it is the least busy time for the Justice Center and parking is free until 1:00pm.
If you haven’t gone down there to check them out it would be a good idea so you get a
feel for the space and look at the fixtures.

Please view the Justice Center Windows Display Information about the windows and information about displaying your work in the window.

You are welcome to advertise a workshop, a gallery where your work is currently
shown, or a website. I have my number on the windows incase someone is interested in
buying something. You are welcome to promote your work in a newsletter, website, or
other means.
Please ask me any questions or concerns you may have. My preferred way of
communication is email: If something more urgent comes
up you are welcome to call me on my cell phone: 503-780-1479, however please be
mindful of the time, as I volunteer for this work.
I would like the cell numbers of each artist in the window prior to loading the window
(unless it is a group or organization, then I would have the cell phone number of the
organizer of the windows).

2016 schedule (subject to change):
January: Red Lodge Transition Services, Columbia Basin Basketry Guild, Narangkar Glover
February: PCC Rock Creek Pottery Clay Club; Artistic Portland
March: The Guilds
April: Oregon Potters Association
May: Village Gallery
June: Jonquil LeMaster, Arlene Carvey-Kacik, Christopher Mooney