Don Sprague

OPA + Japan

 The History of MCAA

In 2011, right after the disastrous earthquake in Japan, the OPA did some fundraising during our Annual Ceramic Showcase (with ceramic donations from so many members) and thru December and donated money to help the potters of Mashiko rebuild their kiln.  From our support and encouragement, they realized having an organization like OPA in Mashiko area is a good idea, thus Mashiko Ceramics and Art Assn. (MCAA) was formed in December 2011.

They came across a gallery space, and started offering themed exhibitions, members shows, special events, etc. In October of that year the first MCAA/OPA joint show was held, “Bond – Kizuna”. Due to the time limitation, we could not go through jury process to choose members’ work, so Ruri curated 8 OPA members work to be included with the show. Brad and Jayne Mildrexler, Ken Pincus (part of the time), and Ruri were there for the show, and they all had a great exchange with not only MCAA members but also with other artists in the area.

Based on this, we are inviting 12 MCAA members to our 2015 Ceramic Showcase just like we did for Hokkaido Pottery Society (HPS) as a special event exhibit. Portland Japanese Garden will have MCAA/Mashiko Pottery exhibit as their Art in the Garden series from the 5th of June through the 6th of July, 2015.

Joint Exhibition Flyer between MCAA and OPA

Background History of Exchange Between OPA and MCAA