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Rename Ceramic Showcase Suggestions

What’s In a Name?

A new face?  A new brand?  Inspiration? Motivation?

Here are some of the new name suggestions submitted by OPA members:

  • Oregon Potters Association presents CLAY!
  • Got Pots?
  • That Pottery Show!
  • Pottery Showcase
  • Oregon Pottery Arts
  • OPA Pottery Festival
  • Oregon Potter’s Annual Festival
  • Oregon Potters Association Sale
  • OPA Artisans Sale
  • Portland’s Clay Arts Showcase
  • Portland’s Clay Arts Celebration
  • The Clay-Joy Festival
  • The Potters’ Show
  • Ceramic Arts Market
  • Mudzilla
  • Oregon Clay Festival
  • Hand in Clay: Ceramics Show and Sale
  • Earth and Ware: Ceramic Arts Show and Sale
  • Ceramic Showcase
  • The Potters’ Playroom
  • CLAY! Earth, Fire, Pottery, Sculpture
  • More name suggestions to come!


This will be our 35 year of using “Ceramic Showcase”. It has served us well and we have an amazing show.

Our name has served us very well for many years, but perhaps now we are ready for something new!