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Rename Ceramic Showcase

What’s In a Name?

The Showcase Steering Committee would like to invite all interested OPA members to submit two names for consideration.

This will be our 35 year of using “Ceramic Showcase”. It has served us well and we have an amazing show.

In our transition to be more in tune with a changing art scene in the North West, we would like to consider a change in name for our wonderful event. This is not to be taken on lightly. We find that many customers and artists refer to our show as “the potters” or “that pottery show at the Convention Center.” And there have been comments made that it sounds more like a trade show for mass produced items or an exhibition rather than a sale. I think our name has served us very well for many years. And perhaps now we are ready for something new!

Click Here to see the current list of name suggestions! New name suggestions may take a little time to appear on the list. Come back soon to see updates.

We’ll be discussing submission at our Visions meeting this summer. This change will be made as smoothly as possible, with “Ceramic Showcase” still in our promotions. It will take a few years to complete the process and that’s why we’re starting it now!