Showcase Artist Spotlight: Jan Rentenaar

IMG_DC9D4F-0CF43F-DFB2A8-0BC81F-6B7E60-6C7497  I have worked with clay and taught children for over  20 years.  I use a wide range of clays to create my  sculptures. A Japanese  kimono flows in porcelain;  cedarbark robe of dark stoneware  clay wraps a  Chinook Native American. I have always been  mesmerized by the ability of clay to absorb life,    transferring  the smallest detail.

The textured slabs simplify the form emphasising  the dramatic  lines and curves of the sculpture. The  glazes seek out the texture and are influenced by the  color of the clay itself guiding our eye to every detail.

My sculptures have a tale to tell. Rich in texture you see traces of the artist’s hands, inspiration made visible.IMG_D9E142-44AF69-79C2B7-BE4F53-9A8BF9-49AB9E

Jan Rentenaar, Legendary Art
Warren, Or


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