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The Alchemy of Surface

Deadline July 15

Description: An inspired surface can turn plain into remarkable, remarkable into sublime. This group of OPA member artists is sharing their extraordinary (often secret) surface techniques and formulas.

What: This show focuses on fabulous surfaces and on educating the viewer about how we created those surfaces. It will have glorious glazes, tantalizing textures, superb slips, dramatic drawings, or any other really, really cool surface treatment that OPA members create.

  • Each participant will show one piece.
  • We will have an online resource where the customer can find out all the tricky techniques used to create the fabulous surface.
  • Pieces will be chosen for the show based on which ones have the most interesting surface and the best information about how the surface was created.


  • Participants must be willing to share their secret techniques: glaze formulas; commercial glazes or products; texture techniques; other fabulous surface treatments
  • Accepted artists must submit a photo of the actual piece they will display in show by November 15, as well as their information about surface techniques.
  • 20% commission on sales

STEP 1:  Fill out the following information and hit “submit”:

STEP 2: Email your 3 images:

Email your three images to:
Janet Buskirk

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