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Featured Video: Tile Workshop

OPA Member Cathi Newlin demonstrates different approaches to making a tile, including transferring an image onto the clay, sgraffito, and other techniques.

Get Ready! Ceramic Showcase is Coming Soon!

Ceramic Showcase is only a few months away.  Our members are busy doing what they love, and what they do best.  Doors will open at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum Exhibit hall to a one-of-a-kind ceramic event.

Are you an OPA member who would like to participate?  It’s not to late! Fill out the 2016 Member Renewal & Ceramic Showcase Application Packet And Apply by March 1 (with a $20 late fee).

When: Fri­day, April 29, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sat­ur­day, April 30, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sun­day, May 1, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Vet­er­ans Memo­r­ial Col­i­seum (in the Rose Quar­ter)
300 N Win­ning Way
Port­land, Ore­gon 97227 (con­ve­niently located on TriMet Max line)

Music and More:

  • Acoustic per­for­mances by local musi­cians through­out the weekend.
  • Draw­ing for $50 gift cer­tifi­cates, good for Show­case purchases.
  • 150 booths for gift ideas for Mother’s Day, Birth­days, wed­dings, house­warm­ing and host/hostess gifts, Father’s Day, grad­u­a­tion, and par­tic­u­larly for yourself.
  • Clay Explo­ration Areas for adults and chil­dren, includ­ing hand-building with clay tools as well as oppor­tu­ni­ties for adults to use pot­ters’ wheels with guid­ance from pro­fes­sional potters.
  • Pot­tery demon­stra­tions for the whole family.
  • High School Ceramic Art gallery.
  • Instal­la­tion of uniquely cre­ated hand-made wall tiles, avail­able for pur­chase, that are donated by Ore­gon Pot­ters Asso­ci­a­tion mem­bers to sup­port our clay edu­ca­tional mission.

COST:        This is a FREE event. There is a sug­gested $3 dona­tion to sup­port the Ore­gon Pot­ters Association’s clay edu­ca­tional mission.

Kizuna: the Rebirth of Mashiko Ceramics, June 6 – July 5, 2015 in the Pavilion Gallery at the Portland Japanese Garden.


Don’t miss this upcoming exhibit, which has been coordinated with the OPA, Mashiko Ceramics and Arts Association, and Portland Japanese Garden.

View complete article from  Oregonlive

It displays the work of contemporary potters whose styles range from traditional to contemporary as well as masterworks by the world’s most famous potter, Shoji Hamada (1894-1974), and his protege Tatsuzo Shimaoka. Both artists were designated as Living National Treasures, keepers of Japan’s important intangible cultural properties.

To celebrate the opening, Kei Shimaoka, grandson of Tatsuzo Shimaoka, will lead artist demonstrations at the Pavilion from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, June 6.

Tatsuzo Shimaoka, who died in 2007, was famous for his unique Jomon zogan style of pottery, slip decorating and firing techniques. His work is in many museums around the world and in 2014, his daughter, Yoshiko Fudeya, donated a collection to Portland’s respected Japanese garden.

Mashiko has been known for its folkware, called mashiko-yaki, since the 19th century, when ceramic-quality clay was found nearby and a kiln was built to fire it.

Originally, the style was simple and rustic, and brown pottery with a red glaze was mass produced. That changed in the 1920s when Hamada settled in Mashiko and encouraged potters to be more creative with their functional pieces.

The town became an artists’ haven. Hamada, who had traveled to Europe and could access any materials, elected to use only locally sourced clay. He made his own glazes and even brushes from dog hair and bamboo.

Hamada, along with philosopher and writer Yanagi Soetsu and British studio potter and art teacher Bernard Leach, founded the Mingei (People’s Art) movement in the 1920s and ’30s.

The above is an excerpt from featured in this weeks Oregonian: Mashiko ceramics rebound after Japan’s devastating earthquake: See works at the Portland Japanese Garden. Click this link to view the whole article.

Plates of Plenty

Every year, the Ore­gon Pot­ters Asso­ci­a­tion chooses a char­ity for which %100 of the pro­ceeds are donated.PoP

The 2015 Show­case theme is “Wel­come Home,” the recip­i­ent of our fundrais­ing instal­la­tion, “Plates of Plenty” is the local non-profit, Grow­ing Gar­dens — help­ing low income fam­i­lies and schools set up gar­dens to grow their own food!

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Ceramic Showcase Artist Spotlight: Avi Harriman

Avi Harriman-Crystalline Glaze.JPG11 (5) Avi was introduced to clay and the creative  process of throwing at Mt. San Antonio  College outside Los Angeles, California. His  creative journey took him to Mexico where he  studied sculpture and bronze casting in San  Miguel de Allende. His most recent studies  have been at Maude Kerns with Thanbinh  Doung a renowned and accomplished potter  ,who is an exacting teacher, and at the  University of Oregon with Jason Solomon.  Currently, he is exploring the magical world  of crystal glAvi Harriman-Crystalline Glaze (3)azes and has the goal of becoming a Crystallière (one who is an avid, expert crystal glazer). His pottery is classic in line, often of goodly girth with stunning crystal glazes. He is also a novice glass artist who hopes to explore this media extensively one day.