Registration -

Positions for weekend pop-ups 

Early registration and booth selection for those that commit to doing planning/lead work for popup event including points for showcase.

** Some positions can be done through the computer easily and no need to be on-site or during specific hours of the day. Those positions are signified with the **.

**Graphics Coordinator (2 points) - Gets images from image manager, reformats social media banner, and prepares photos for social posting in photoshop.  

**Graphics Coordinator (2 points) - Gets images from image manager, reformats postcard in InDesign or photoshop. Talks to group and makes signs needed for sale. 

**Social Media Coordinator (2 points) - Gets formatted files from graphics coordinator, sets up ads on Instagram and Facebook.

**Social Media Coordinator (2 points) - Collects formatted images from graphics coordinator, delegates posting for instagram and Facebook to be posted by other artists. Confirms posting on social media is completed in a consistent and professional manner.

**Events Calendar (2 points) - collects formatted images and appropriate data to be used to post to the events calendar and makes sure that the event is posted at the top of the OPA website

**OPA Emailer (2 points) - prepares press release - save the date and opening day (maybe artist highlight) emails to the OPA patron email list through mailchimp.

Studio Partner Coordinator (1 point) - gets OPA studio partners - pottery studios to attend, promote themselves, educate the public. They are allowed to participate for free if they are promoting themselves. If they chose to sell their work or work from artists in their studio, they will have to pay a registration fee and provide images of the work to be sold.

Info Booth Coordinator (1 point) - gathers info for information booth/table, sets up table and information, and coordinates people to be at booth, includes information and contribution to CIE and OPA, reaches out to participating artists if they would like to promote other events.

Food Vendor Coordinator (1 point) - Talks to food vendors for the event and coordinates with them about participation, setup and space. 

Portapotty Coordinator (1 point) - Coordinates the deliver or moving of portable bathrooms for vendor and customer use at the event.

**Registration Coordinator (1 point) - Prepares registration through wild apricot for event.

Host Coordinator (1 point) - Coordinates with host facility to maintain a relationship and make sure the event runs smoothly.

Map setup (1 point) - Collects info from registration coordinator to make a map of the vending area with all registered artists and booths.

Artist Coordinator (2 points) - Sends informational emails to registered artists and answers questions of artist participating.

**Image Manager (1 point) - works with registration coordinator, makes sure all registered artists have submitted photos for publicity and insures the images are properly labeled.

Sales Coordinator (1 point) - insures that all artists know that they will pay 10% commission of sales to the host, provides a receipt to the artists for that commission and coordinates payment if necessary. Collects artists total sales info to be given to the wrap up writer.

Questionnaire Coordinator (1 point) - Prepares a questionnaire for the event and insures that all participating artist for evaluation of the event. Synthesizes the data and gives that info to the wrap up writer.

**Wrap up writer (1 point) - compiles data from sales, questionnaire, registration, and anyone with expenses for the event to prepare a report that will be given to the OPA board.

Volunteer positions (1 point) - *Not a registered artist for this event* Any member of OPA that is willing to come to the sale and inform customers about OPA and clay in education for at least 5 hours. 

Assisting positions (no points, part of participation):

Social media posting (8 people)

Setup (2 people)

Takedown and clean up helper (2 people)

Distribution of cards (Everyone!)

Info booth seat holder (6 people)

Sign put-up (2 people)

Sign take-down (2 people)

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