Info on OPA Exhibition at the Sapporo Museum of Contemporary Art in Hokkaido, Japan from June 21 - July 20, 2018 and about youth from Hokkaido and the Pacific Northwest are constructing collaborative ceramic “Peace Poles,” to be exhibited in both Sapporo, Japan and Portland, Oregon.

OPA members see: Japan Travel Planning Forum and Clay in Education Forum to see help with "Peace Poles" instruction.  

"Peace Poles" Workshop and K-12 participants share images and experiences of the process, 
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Collected: $670.00
Goal: $2,500.00
Raising money to ship works to Japan "Peace Poles" and OPA members Exhibition.

Update on Donations

Donations are needed to help pay for shipping the juried OPA member pieces plus the youth Peace Poles to Japan. Our total shipping costs are estimated to be $7,000 for shipping, taxes, duty, storage & transport in Japan.  So far we have raise about $1,300 with other pledges of about $2,000 - if they all come in, that is almost half way there! We have also gotten a lot of in-kind donations of most of our materials.

The Hokkaido Pottery Society invited OPA to join them in a collaborative art project involving youth. Students in grades 3-12 in Hokkaido and in the Pacific Northwest are creating ceramic sculptures that will be used to create 50 “Peace Poles” to be exhibited at the Sapporo Museum of Contemporary Art and the Oregon Convention Center. The theme of this project is Youth Interpret Their Worlds.

500 NW youth from all over the NW are participating, being taught by a large group of OPA members. Each pole will have from 6-8 elements. At Showcase 8 will be chosen by a jury to be shipped to Japan. In addition, 30 OPA members pieces plus 30 more wall pieces by those members will be shipped. 

Thanks, Jeanne Henry Chair, Hokkaido 2018 committee

Upcoming Peace Pole Workshops

Portland students working out the details on their forms for the "Peace Pole" installation.

"Peace Poles" Workshop and K-12 participants share images and experiences of the process.

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