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    A great presentation at our general meeting.

    We want to thank Jan Edwards for her great presentation at the last Member Meeting. She gave a wonderful demonstration of her decorative techniques on tiles, working with brushes on leather-hard greenware. She showed us the use of slips, underglazes, and… Read More


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Featured Video: Tile Workshop

OPA Member Cathi Newlin demonstrates different approaches to making a tile, including transferring an image onto the clay, sgraffito, and other techniques.

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Get Ready! Ceramic Showcase is Coming Soon!

Ceramic Showcase is only a few months away.  Our members are busy doing what they love, and what they do best.  Doors will open at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum Exhibit hall to a one-of-a-kind ceramic event. Are you… Read More

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Master Potter Ruri

Handbuilding Workshop with Ruri in Tuscany!

Handbuilding Towards Wood Firing Ruri, master potter and long-time OPA member will demo her techniques for making and surface finishing. She will encourage participants to listen to their heart and be observant of Nature, taking sketches and keeping notes…. Read More

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