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The Alchemy of Surface
An inspired surface can turn plain into remarkable, remarkable into sublime. This group of artists is sharing their extraordinary (often secret) surface techniques and formulas.
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Keep Portland Wared
Portland has long been a magnet for creative clay work.  OPA's mission is the inclusion of all who possess a passion for the ceramic process, a love of the handmade object, and a wish to share their work through exhibitions    With over 300 members -- amateurs and professionals alike -- we've coalesced from different regions and varied educational backgrounds to build a national identity around mutual encouragement of the imagination and appreciation of the resulting art and craft. more details...
Kristy Lombard
Ji-Min Lee
Dennis Meiners
Jim Koudelka
Lisa Conway
Lynn Rothan
Dennis Meiners
Patrick Noe
Rebecca Arthur
Don Sprague
Andrea Roselle
Scot-Cameron Bell
Sara Swink
Larry Nelson
Ken Pincus
Hsin-Yi Huang
Patrick Horsley
Jeanne Henry
Babette Harvey
Ginger Steele
Rhoda Fleishman
Faith Rahil
Deb Shapiro
Dave and Boni Deal
Andy Clift
Alan Higinbotham
Aimee Herring
Angela Niewert
Denise Krueger
Jared Jaffe
Laurie Childers
Amy Fields
Michelle Gallagher
Ginny Gibson
Babette Harvey
Dawn Panttaja
Ken Pincus
Susan Roden
Altman, Akari
Rebecca Arthur
Terri Axness
Terri Axness, other side
Chris Baskin
Richey Bellinger
Pat Berman
Linda Bourne
Sandy Brown
Patricia Burns Palmer
Janet Buskirk
Thom Caccamo
Scot Cameron-Bell
Jean Chapin
Connie Chiefetz
Ginger Steele
Dave & Boni Deal
James DeRosso
David Derrickson
Penelope Dews
Reena Dodeja
Konky Forster
Shelly Fredenberg
Shiloh Gastello
Anthony Gordon
Alison Hardin
Mark Heimann
Linda Heisserman
Jeanne Henry
Sandy Houtman
Jennifer Jasaitis
Jim Johnstone
Jeannie Kim
Bob Kizziar
Jim Koudelka
Gretchen Lambert
Roberta Lampert
Clara Lanyi
Chris McLelland
McKinney Detail
Virginia McKinney
Brad McLemore
Peter Meyer
Stephen Mickey
John Mullen
Angela Neiwert
Rafael Ordica
Kimberly Ota
Susan Pachuta
Ana Quinn
Jan Rentenaar
Richard Roth
Steve Sanchez
Deb Shapiro
Suzette Shrider
Don Sprague
Adrienne Stacey
Kathleen Stephenson
Sara Swink
Carolyn Thompson-Rizer
Lynn Townson
Meg Turner
Samuel Turner
Teresa Vaughan
Sandy Visse
Jacquie Walton
Emily Wickham
Linda Workman-Morelli
Sol Zimmerdahl

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Holiday Studio Sale Guide
Check out our guide and map of upcoming holiday events by Oregon Potters Association members selling and showing their wares during the 2017 holiday season.
 See the Holiday Guide now!

Ceramic Showcase

Our  premiere event located at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. It's the Nation's largest ceramics show and sale, with over 140 clay artists participating in booths and our gallery space. 


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Are You Looking for a Ceramics Class?

Check out our Clay Educators Directory: Ceramic Instructors throughout Oregon and Southern Washington. Offering ceramics, clay sculpture, and pottery classes at private studios and organizations, K-12 public and private school, community colleges, colleges and universities.

OPA Scholarships

The OPA scholarship is open to all high school juniors and seniors living in Oregon and SW Washington and will award $1000 to a student who shows creative and technical excellence in the field of ceramics. 

Applications are due in March.

Empty Bowls

Oregon Potters Association coordinates an annual fund-raiser at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival to benefit Oregon Food Bank. OPA collects hundreds of pottery donations of all types, sizes and shapes throughout the year. OPA members then sell the donated pottery at the Empty Bowls booth, near the main gate, at the Waterfront Blues Festival. More Info...

Clay and Education

The OPA  "Clay in Education" program was created to provide clay instruction by professional potters in the community, and has grown to include clay making activities at Art and Maker Fairs, and to provide support in the form of scholarships for high school students excelling at ceramics. 



Read about the relationship between the OPA and MCAA (Mashiko Ceramics and Arts Association) in Japan.


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