These policies are subject to change without notice. 

The Showcase Chair(s), Steering Committee and Showcase committees shall put on an annual trade show for its eligible members, and invite the public. The Showcase Chair(s) and Steering Committee shall have authority to make all Showcase decisions and policies. The Steering Committee shall consist of the following committee chairs and/or co-chairs: OPA President, Showcase Chair and Vice-Chair, Publicity, Showcase Treasurer, Building, Bookkeeping, Sales, Points, Committee Placement, Showcase Secretary, and Work Shifts. All Committee Chairs are invited to attend Steering Committee meetings and can vote. Steering Committee meetings are open to all OPA members. 

1. PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS - All booth participants must be a member in good standing of OPA and on the membership roster, both at the time of application and for the show. Participation in Ceramic Showcase is also based on individual points earned and totaled for OPA membership, Ceramic Showcase participation, and jobs completed for OPA and Ceramic Showcase. Unless work shown at Ceramic Showcase is 100% collaborative, each participant must have an individual membership, separate registration form, work shifts, committee work and enough points to participate. All current OPA members in good standing may apply for Gallery Only participation. 

All participants of Ceramic Showcase must adhere to the policies of both the Ceramic Showcase and the venue where the event is held. Failure to do so will result in penalties determined by the Steering Committee and may include a financial penalty or put into jeopardy future participation in Ceramic Showcase. 

1.A. COMMITTEE WORK AND WORK SHIFTS - The production of Ceramic Showcase is a year-round commitment for many. Since that is not possible for everyone, committee work and work shifts are our opportunity to participate. 

1.A.1. COMMITTEE WORK - All booth participants are required to complete committee work. Successfully completed committee work earns participants one (1) point. Failure to complete committee assignments may result in point deductions. Gallery only participants are not required to do committee work, however they are encouraged to do so. 

1. A.2. Committee Chairs - Chairs are responsible to contact members of their committee, assign jobs, follow up on job completion, attend Steering Committee meetings, and report to Showcase Chair(s). Committee Chairs receive points for performing their duties as chair. Committee Chairs and Trainees are guaranteed a booth in Ceramic Showcase. All members applying for chair positions must submit a written application to the Committee Placement Chair. Chair positions are appointed by the Steering Committee. Committee chairs must report any member who does not complete his/her committee work to the Steering Committee. 

1.B.WORK SHIFTS - Work shifts are jobs completed during Showcase. All booth participants are required to complete three (3) work shifts. Gallery Only and Emerging Artist participants must work two (2) work shifts during Showcase. Failure to fulfill a work shift assignment may result in a 5% increase in commission paid to Showcase. In cases of emergency, penalties will be at the discretion of the Steering committee. 

2. SHOWCASE GALLERY - All OPA members in good standing are invited to show one piece of work in the gallery. All OPA members are encouraged to vote for Awards chosen at Ceramic Showcase. It is expected that all work delivered to the gallery is reasonably durable and can withstand normal handling and all work will be inspected by the gallery registrars. The Gallery Display team reserves the right to refuse to exhibit work that is difficult to handle safely (delicate, fragile, poorly constructed, glued, large and/or heavy pieces). Any work deemed too fragile will not be covered by our breakage policy. Should a potter still wish to exhibit work deemed too fragile, he/she must sign a waiver in order to exhibit it. 

2.A. PARTICIPATION IN SHOWCASE GALLERY - Booth participants may display one (1) piece in the gallery with no additional work shifts. Gallery only participants may submit up to three pieces at a time and may submit additional pieces if all previously submitted pieces have been sold. 

3. SHOWCASE APPLICATION - Complete and accurate applications for Ceramic Showcase must be received by the deadline specified in the Showcase Application. Late applications must be accompanied with the late fee set by the Steering Committee.

3.A. BOOTH FEES AND DEPOSITS - Fees and deposits are due at time of application. If a booth participant withdraws by March 1, all fees and deposits will be refunded after March 1.  Members who apply for, but do not receive a booth space, will receive a refund after the show. If the total of the participant’s deposit and net sales are less than their booth fee, the participant must pay OPA the difference within 10 business days. 

4. AT SHOWCASE - Artists are encouraged to be present during Ceramic Showcase. They may not employ professional representatives or agents to market their work. Temporary assistance during work shifts is allowed. Exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the Showcase Steering Committee. For security purposes, all artists must wear their identification badges at all times. The Oregon Potters Association and Ceramic Showcase are not responsible for any illness, injuries, or fatalities to OPA members, their employees, or agents. 

4.A. BOOTH CONTENTS - Every piece of work displayed at Ceramic Showcase must have a clay component and the primary value must be in the clay component. The primary value may be defined as the financial, labor or visual value of the clay component to the overall piece. At least 90% of each artist’s work that is displayed at Ceramic Showcase must be for sale, with the exception of Gallery Only participants, who may show an NFS piece in the Gallery. 

  • All work displayed at Ceramic Showcase must be original that has been made by the participating member. 

  • All work must be priced at $5 or more.

The following items are NOT allowed at Ceramic Showcase: 

  • Reproductions of clay work that have been created in non-clay media (for example, cards, or fabric items with images of ceramic work, even if the images are of the members original ceramic pieces.)

  • No commercially made bisque ware and no commercially slip cast molds unless they are the exhibiting members original design. 

  • No seconds. 

  • No chipped, cracked or visually damaged work that is not aesthetic to the piece.

 4.B. COMMISSIONS AND PAYMENTS - All sales must go through the centralized sales system, except member-to-member sales and trades. (See policy for Custom Orders below.) Participants will receive payment and an accounting within 15 business days after the close of Ceramic Showcase. Showcase will retain a commission from all sales. The commission rates are 30% for Gallery Only participants, 20% for Group Booth and Emerging Artist Booth participants, and a variable rate ranging from 17% down to 3% for other  booth participants, depending on the amount of their total sales. The variable rates will be published annually in the show application information. 

4.B.1. CUSTOM ORDERS - Should a member take a custom order, any deposit or other money which changes hands during Ceramic Showcase will be charged the standard commission. Money that changes hands after the show is over will not be charged commission. 

4.C. BREAKAGE DURING CERAMIC SHOWCASE - The OPA and Ceramic Showcase do not carry insurance to cover breakage, damaged work or theft. Members are encouraged to carry their own insurance. 

  • Ceramic Showcase Broken Work Policy: Ceramic work must be able to withstand normal handling and booths must be designed and built for stability. If it is determined by the Steering Committee that the construction of the work is at fault or that the artist's booth furniture is inadequate or poorly constructed, reimbursement will be denied. Artists are responsible for ensuring that hanging pieces are constructed to adequately handle the weight of the work and the artist must provide proper documentation that the correct line weight has been used. Work that is not properly prepared for hanging will not be displayed in the Ceramic Showcase Gallery or any other Ceramic Showcase display.

  • Ceramic Showcase will only consider payment for losses due to breakage that occurs by customers, or by OPA members or volunteers acting in the performance of official Ceramic Showcase duties, such as wrapping, sales, aisle hosting, assisting customers or any other official capacity. 

  • Ceramic Showcase will not cover missing pots or switched or altered tags. 

  • Should work be damaged or broken, the Steering Committee will consider net payment (price after commission) to the member. Maximum breakage reimbursement is $1000.00 per participating member, not per piece. Work worth more than $1000.00 is exhibited at the member’s own risk. Not For Sale work is not eligible for reimbursement.  All work price at $5 or more will be considered for reimbursement, if it follows the above guidelines.

  • Claims made after the show or during tear down will not be considered.

4.C.1. Claims Procedure - Claims for broken items must be presented during the show. Bring broken item(s) and completed form to the Information Booth. Claims forms are available at the Information Booth. Broken items will be stored in the Gallery Holding area until the end of the show

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