About the Oregon Potters Association: 

The Oregon Potters Association is a not for profit organization engaging in arts advocacy and educational and creative projects for a network and community of over 400 ceramic artists and the public at large in the state of Oregon. We’ve been growing our community and public awareness of clay arts for the last 40 years and have remained focused on education as a meaningful way to bring ceramic arts into the future in Oregon.

Our Program's Goal: 

To Inspire Educate & Transform Lives Through Clay

Give students access to clay art opportunities!

OPA’s Clay in Education Artist in Residency program has recently been granted funding from the Autzen Foundation. This grant supports our commitment to bringing clay arts to Title One schools by bringing ceramic artists into the classroom at no cost to the school. Through this program students will have the opportunity to see and experience artists working and creating alongside them in the classroom. This program plays a meaningful role in breaking down economic and social barriers, and increases students’ ability to think critically by engaging in the ongoing problem solving process that is inherent in creative work. OPA is excited to bring rich creative opportunities to economically and culturally diverse students, inspiring them to see themselves in future artist careers or maker spaces.

What We Do: 

We will coordinate, arrange for and train an Oregon potter/ceramic artist to spend one week (40 hrs)  in your class or school at zero cost for the school. We fully fund the artist who receives compensation for their time and work.

What We Provide:

OPA will provide the materials for all students for the project that is chosen. The artist will be responsible for the firing (the process of the clay going through a kiln) and returning artwork to the school and students. Firing costs are also covered by OPA.

How This Program is Funded

In the past, schools paid for half of the cost of our Artist Residencies. We now recognize that we had created an economic barrier by asking schools to pay for half of the program expenses. This left out schools who weren’t able to participate financially. To break down the economic barrier, this past year we applied for a grant from the Autzen foundation for program funding.  We have been given a grant that allows us to provide a barrier free program, accessible to all but with a focus this time on Title One. Acknowledging that we had to delay the implementation of this program due to COVID 19 and the closure of schools, we are excited to jump in this fall semester of the school year 2021-22. If you would like to bring this program to your school this year please contact us as soon as possible because spots are on a first come first serve basis.

Are you a ceramic artist?

Would you like to be an artist in resident at K-12 school? Complete the application to be considered for the next term of residencies.

Artist in Residence Information

Artist In Residence Application Here


Program Coordinator: Miranda DeVore


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