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Advertising Graphic Designer

Job Description


  • Good organizational and communication skills.
  • Computer and graphics experience is a must.
  • Understanding of and ability to follow branding guidelines.
  • Work with the Publicity Chair to deliver high quality assets at the correct specifications, on time.
  • Ability to direct or produce TV/Radio spots.
  • Work with a variety of chairs to collect information, copy and photos.


  • Proficiency in Adobe PhotoShop and at least one design program such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign. No training will be available.
  • Ability to deliver assets for print ads, digital banner ads and social media posts.
  • Please show a portfolio of recent design work that reflects your level of experience.


  • 5 co-branded print ads
  • 5 co-branded digital ads – 320x50 gif animation, 300x250, 300x600, 728x90, 970x250
  • 1 co-branded Oregonian social media post – 1000x1000.jpg
  • 3 co-branded eNewsletter graphics – 600x600, 830x200, 300x250
  • 12 Ceramic Showcase Social media ads – 3 sets of 4 1000x1000.jpg
  • 1 co-branded 30 sec radio spot

Stipend: $1000

Points: 8

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