2024 Ceramics Showcase Committee Chairs

Ceramic Showcase 2024 Steering Committee


Page Hawley

OPA President/Building Chair

Aubrey Sloan


Allison Chown


Meghan Radick


Vicki Wilson

Sales Co-Chairs

Marlene Huntsinger and Neely South


Fonda Sanchez

Committee Placement*

Connie Cheifetz


Jennifer Hill 

Publicity Lead*


*Open position to be filled

2024 Ceramics Showcase Committee Chairs

Sandy Brown Ambassador Chair
Shelly Fredenberg Awards Chair
Molly Gustafson Banners
Julie Stewart Children's Clay
Maya Oneil Data Processing
Dan Peccia Demonstrations
Dawn Panttaja Emerging Artist Booth
Lara King Flyer Posting
Natasha Irvine Gallery Display Chair
Kelsey Rice Gallery Physical Set-Up
Denise Kruger Gallery Registration Co-Chair
Gesine Kratzner Gallery Registration Co-Chair
Robin McDonald Graphics
Sam MacKenzie Group Booth Co-Chair
Nora Brodnicki Group Booth Co-Chair 
Jan Rentenaar Holding Table
Mychelle Moritz High School Gallery 
Connie Cheifetz Info Packet
Brenda Scott Information Booth
Michael Simmons Installation Project
Allison Chown Mailing List
Tom Bottman Map/Brochure
Fonda Sanchez Points Chair
Deborah Moen Registrar
Peter Alsen Security & Traffic Chair
Ha Austin Social Media
David Parry Truck & Muscle Team
John McLaughlin Wrap Co-Chair

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