Committee Job Descriptions 2024

Committee Job Descriptions 2024

As you make your committee preferences,

pay attention to both the skills required and the schedule of the work.

If you have questions about these 2 details, contact Committee Placement Chair,

* highlighted section are not-yet-filled positions

·         Checks & Balances* – Needs 2 people.- Spot checks sales accuracy in real time in the Square app. During Showcase. Experience with Square, and attention to detail a must. Training on Thursday, Works Fri.-Sun. Counts as Committee work & work shifts NEW COMMITTEE  Chair: Janet Buskirk

·         Children's Clay Area - Needs 3 people - Set up, take down, and transport supplies. Works Thurs & Sun. Co-Chairs: Jami LeBaron & Linda Workman-Morelli

·         Data Processing* - Needs 4 people - Calculates artist’s sales. Works during show hours & has training Thursday. One member will also work on Monday after the sale. Accurate data entry skills and attention to details a must. Counts as Committee work & work shifts NEW COMMITTEE Chair: Maya O’Neil

·         Demonstrations - Needs 1 person Set up, break down, transport wheel & supplies. Works Wed & Sun. Chair: Logan Stefonek

·         Flyer Posting - Needs 14 people - Distribute flyers to PDX Metro area & near member’s homes in March & April about 3 weeks before show. Chair: Lara King

·         Gallery Registration - Verify member participation in gallery, obtain liability waivers, check in & label gallery submissions. Works Wed & Thu. Needs 4 people

·         Gallery Display - Needs 5 people - Creates display of work in the main gallery. Works Wed & Thu, & 1 person after the show on Sunday. Co-Chairs: Natasha Irvine & Holly de Saillan

·         Gallery-Physical Setup – Needs 10 people - Unload truck, paint, & set up gallery pedestals, walls & lights. Break down area after show. Works Wed, Thu, & Sun. Chair: Kelsey Rice

·         Group Booth - Needs 5 people - Paint, set up, & tear down GB pedestals & shelving. Hang lights & grids. Works Wed, Thu, & Sun. Co-Chairs: Sam MacKensie & Nora Broadnicki

·         Holding Area - Needs 3 people - Set up and break down holding shelves. Works Wed, Thu, & Sun. Chair: Roberta Lampert

·         High School Gallery Display - Needs 2 people - Paint, & set up pedestals in HS Gallery on Wed, label & display student work, take down Sun. Chair: Mychelle Moritz

·         Information Booth - Needs 3 people - Set up, take down, & staff during setup. Works Wed, Thu, & Sun. Chair: Robin McDonald

·         CIE Fundraising Installation - Needs 2 people - Setup, take down, display work, refresh area during show. Works Wed, Thu, Sun, & some during show. Co-Chairs: Michale Simmons & Margaret Synan-Russell

·         Price Tag Committee – Needs 1 person - Help distribute barcoded price tags. Work begins at Booth picking meeting and continues Wed. - Sun. during set up and Showcase as needed. NEW COMMITTEE Chair: Meghan Radick

·         Publicity/Advertising - Needs 3 people - Works before show primarily with online publicity.  Computer skills needed. Copy writing skills needed 

·         Sales* - Needs 6 people - Supervise cashiers & customer service staff, solves problems, fills in as cashier. Work Wed. to Sun.  Counts as Committee work & work shifts Co-Chairs: Neely South & Marlene Huntsinger

·         Security/Traffic - Needs 12 people - Monitor entry/exit doors (7-10am show days & till midnight Wed/Thu/ Sunday). Contact OCC security if needed. Oversee, direct and guide vehicle traffic in loading areas. Chair: Peter Alsen

·         Signage/Banners - no committee members needed Chair Molly Gustafson

·         Social Media - Needs 6 people - Works before the show to spread posts on social media and takes pictures for posts during the show. Experience with Instagram, Facebook - the full Meta platform and event photography. Counts as Committee work & work shifts Co-Chairs: Rocky Jaeger & Julie Furrer

·         Truck & Muscle Team – Needs 3 people - On Wednesday morning, meets chair at the storage unit to load truck. Travels to OCC to help unload. Usually takes 3 trips. On Sunday after Showcase, load all OPA components back into the truck and travel to storage unit to unload the truck and pack everything carefully into the unit. Chair: Dave Parry

  • *PLEASE NOTE: Checks & Balances, Data Processing & Sales will work together to find a balanced team system for an accurate collection of sales information and ease of post-Showcase Bookkeeping

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