Committee Job Information 2023

Information and job description with Chair contact information

  • Bookkeeping- Needs 10 - Calculates artist’s sales. Works during show hours & has training Thursday. Meghan Radick  
  • Children's Clay Area - Needs 2 - Set up, take down, and transport supplies. Works Thurs & Sun. Julie Stewart 
  • Demonstrations -  Needs 1 Set up, break down, transport wheel & supplies. Works Wed thru Sun.  Scot Cameron Bell 
  • Flyer Posting - Needs 14 - Distribute flyers to PDX Metro area & near member’s home in April about 3 weeks before show.  Lara King  
  • Gallery Display - Needs 5 - Displays work in the main gallery. Works Wed & Thu, or after the show on Sunday (1 person).  Natasha Irvine
  • Gallery-Physical Setup - Needs 10 - unload from truck, paint, & set up gallery pedestals and benches used throughout the show. Break down area after show. Works Wed, Thu, & Sun. Kelsey Rice 
  • Gallery Registration - Needs 4 - Verify member participation, obtain liability waivers, check in & label gallery submissions. Works Wed & Thu. Susan Pachuta 
  • Group Booth - Needs 5 - Paint, set up, & tear down GB pedestals & shelving. Works Wed, Thu, & Sun Sam MacKenzie   
  • Holding Area - Needs 3 - Set up, and break down holding shelves. Works Wed, Thu, Sun, & some during show. Jan Rentenaar    
  • High School Gallery Display - Needs 2 - Paint, & set up pedestals in HS Gallery on Wed, label & display student work, take down Sun. Dindia Zitek  
  • Information Booth - Needs 4 - Set up, take down, & staff during setup. Works Wed, Thu, & Sun. Brenda Scott 
  • Installation - Needs 2 - Set up, take down, display work, staff area during show, and greet customers. Works Wed, Thu, Sun, & some during show. Michael Simmons  
  • Publicity/Advertising - Needs 4 - Works before show primarily with online publicity.  Computer skills needed. Distribute publicity materials. Sharon Greenwood 
  • Sales - Needs 4 - Supervise cashiers & customer service staff, solve problems, fill in as cashier. Work Wed. to Sun. Good for out-of-towners.  Janet Buskirk
  • Security/Traffic - Needs 14 - Monitor entry/exit doors (7-10am show days & till midnight Wed/Thu/ Sunday). Contact security if needed. Oversee, direct and guide vehicle traffic in loading areas.  Good for out-of-towners. Peter Alsen  
  • Signage/Banners: Needs 1 - places & picks up signs around the venue.  Works Early Friday. & Sunday - OPEN POSITION
  • Social Media - Needs 4 - Works before show to spread posts on social media. Experience with various platforms needed. Good for out-of-towners. Ha Austin  
Committee Job Questions? 
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