2023 Ceramic Showcase Committee Assignments

COMMITTEE WORK Chair: Connie Cheifetz     (503.568.9840) 

All booth participants are required to do committee work before, during, or after the show which is separate from work shift assignments done during the show.  Failure to complete your committee work may result in a penalty of 1-5 points at the discretion of the Ceramic Showcase Steering Committee.  

The committee chair of your assigned committee will contact you. You can find the name and contact information of your committee chair here. 

First name Last name Committee Assignment
Nancy Y Adams Security
Peter Alsen Security Chair
Akari Altman Publicity
Matt Anderson Group Booth
Jamie Anderson Info Booth
Autumn Anglin Installation
George Armantrout HS Gallery Display
Veronica Arquilevich Guzman HS Gallery Display
Rebecca Arthur Gallery Intake Co-Chair
Ha Austin Social Media Chair
Mindy Beauchamp Holding Chair Trainee
Kirsten Page Bennett HS Gallery Display
Ashley Bergeron Flyers
Valerie Blessley Security
Brenda Blocker Memory Lane
Tom Bottman Map Brochure Trainee
Pat Brame Group Booth
Nora Brodnicki Group Booth Co-Chair Trainee
Carolyn Bulkley College Laision Chair
Wayne & Jill Bunker Childrens Clay
Stephanie Burton Info Booth
Janet Buskirk Sales
Scot Cameron-Bell Demo Chair
Matthew Causey Gallery Physical Set Up
Jennifer Champlin Flyers
Connie Cheifetz Committee Placement
Alison Chown Mailing List Trainee
Erin Cooper Childrens Clay
Chase Cranor Security
Susan Cybele Flyers
David Dahlquist Security
Holly de Saillan Gallery Display Co-Chair
Boni & Dave Deal Flyers
James DeRosso Truck Team
Miles Dornfeld pending
Tea Thanhbinh Duong Children's Clay
Abraham Evansen Gallery Physical Set Up
Teri Fahrendorf Gallery Physical Set Up
Marieka Farrenkopf Publicity
Nina Fernstrom-Duong Sales Co-Chair
Amy Fields Banner & Signage
Rhoda Fleischman Gallery Intake
Shelly Fredenberg Awards Chair
Michael Fromme Gallery Intake
Brendan Fuller Security
Julie Furrer Ambassador Asst. /Social Media
Susan Gallacher-Turner Gallery Display
Michelle Gallagher Sponsorship Chair
Emily Gass pending
Jennifer/Meghan Gauer/Radick Tag Prep/Books
Stan Gibson Flyers
Jess Graff Flyers
Rachel Green Memory Lane
Michael Grubar Flyers
Molly Gustofson Banners & Signage Chair
Lobsang Gyatso Flyers
Olivia Hardt Flyers
Sara Harkness Gallery Physical Set Up
Sarah Harmon Social Media
Page Hawley Showcase Chair
Linda Heisserman Security
Jeanne Henry Memory Lane chair
Alan Higinbotham Gallery Display
Jennifer Hill Work Shifts Chair
Emelia Hiltner Info Booth
Motoko Hori Flyers
Sarah Hui Flyers
Marlene Huntsinger Sales Co-Chair Trainee
Nickolas Hurlbut Flyers
Natasha Irvine Gallery Display Co-Chair
Anya Jackson Holding Booth
Rocky Jaeger Memory Lane
Jennifer Jasaitis Bookkeeping
Martin Kagan Gallery Phyical Set Up
Joshua Kehrberg Truck Co-Chair
Hui-Yong Kim Holding Booth
Jon King Children's Clay
Lara King Flyers Chair
Jordan King pending
Allan Kluber Security
Jim Koudelka Gallery Display
Gesine Kratzner Gallery Intake Trainee
Denise Krueger Gallery Intake Trainee
Gretchen Lambert Points Chair
Roberta Lampert Map/Brochure Chair
Clara Lanyi Social Media
Lynn Latta Security
Jami LeBaron Studio Partner Liaison
Jimin Lee Bookkeeping
Georgine Longfellow Group Booth Co-Chair
David Louis Gallery Physical Set Up
Darah Lundberg Wrap Chair Trainee
Gay Lyon Group Booth
Sam MacKenzie Group Booth Co-Chair
Tracie Manso Sales
Erick Martinez Gallery Physical Set Up
MasonClay Mason pending
Robin McDonald Graphics Chair
John McLauhglin Wrap Co-Chair
Peter Meyer Security
Stephen Moellering Sales
Deborah Moen Registrar/Reconciliation
Nick Molatore Tag Prep/Books
Marla Munnich Gallery Physical Set Up
Debra Nelson Equipment Chair
Larry Nelson Equipment Chair
Samuel Newman Social Media
Maya O'Neil Bookkeeping
Sandra Oberdorfer Bookkeeping
Joung Pak Holding Booth
Jennifer Pak Sales
Dawn Panttaja Showcase Secretary/Emerging Artist Mentor
Ricia Parcher Flyers
Dave Parry Truck Co-Chair
Dan Peccia Demo Trainee
Heather Pedersen Social Media
Charles Piatt Security
Elijah Pilkington Gallery Phyical Set Up
Ken Pincus Gallery Display
Ana Quinn Gallery Display
Jan Rentenaar Holding Chair
Kelsey Rice Gallery Physical Set Up Chair
Erika Rier Publicity
Karen Rycheck Graphics Trainee
Dwayne Sackey Flyers
Fonda Sanchez Points Trainee
Linda Dalal Sawaya Group Booth
Steve Schiefelbein Flyers
Masami Scorvelciu Sales
Brenda Scott Info Booth Chair
Michael Scrivens Flyers
Susan Shafer HS Gallery Display
Michael Simmons Installation Chair
Aubrey Sloan Building Chair
Randi Soot Installation
Neely South Sales Co-Chair Trainee
Michelle Sparnicht Installation
Don Sprague Gallery Physical Set Up
Logan Stefonek Security
Julie Stewart Children's Clay Chair
Michael Sullivan Flyers
Vicki Sullivan Flyers
Anshula Tayal Social Media
Halima Taylor Children's Clay
Rabun Thompson Info Booth
Rosemary Tobiga Installation
Meg Turner HS Scholarship
Sandy Visse Tag Prep
Jill Warila Gallery Display
Natalie Warrens Flyers
Todd Whitlock Gallery Physical Set Up
Laura Wikane Bookkeeping
Emily Free Wilson Installation
Vicki Wilson pending
Dave Winget Demo Committee
Elizabeth Wocasek Sales
Linda Workman-Morelli Children's Clay
Liz Yoon Flyers
Jeanette Zeis Holding Booth
Zihao (Jackie) Zhao Info Booth Chair Trainee
Yue Zhou Security
Sol Zimmerdahl Truck Team

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