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Committee Placement Chair Trainee

Job Description

If you know your way around Showcase and OPA and are looking to up your commitment to the next level, this may be the position for you. Your job is to recruit new chair trainees in the fall and early winter for any departing chairs. As Showcase registration reaches completion, it is then your task to assign all participants to a committee. After Showcase is done, you help to collect ‘wrap reports’ from the committee chairs. Communication skills (mostly by email), attention to details and timelines, sociability, patience and discretion are all assets in this position. You would work alongside the current chair for this year, and next, if necessary, before being on your own and chairing for at least more years.

Committee Placement Chair

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities

  • Obtain Chairs, Co-Chairs and trainees for committees as the positions are vacated.
  • From Ceramic Showcase participant’s applications, fill each committee with needed members attempting to match applicants with the committees they requested.
  • Attend Ceramic Showcase Steering Committee meetings, usually monthly.
  • Collect updates committee descriptions and forward to manual Editor

Education / Experience / Skills

  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of jobs at Ceramic Showcase a must.
  • Spreadsheets 

4 points as trainee; 12 points as chair

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