Information Packet Chair Job Description 

Primary Responsibilities 

Review all Ceramic Showcase Steering Committee Meetings minutes and make  sure all policy changes are included in the Information Packet.  

Assemble and edit information needed for the Information Packet from all Ceramic  Showcase committee chairs.  

Update all information on website  

Education / Experience / Skills 

Good organizational and communication skills.  

Excellent writing skills.  

 Strong familiarity with computer applications- need to update website. 

Specific Duties/Timeline 


Set a deadline for submission of information for the information packet that is  approximately 8 weeks prior to the show. This will give you about 2 weeks to  collect late information and prepare the packet for emailing/printing.  

Submit an announcement to the Newsletter Editor not later than February  10th. Note that all information to be included in the information Packet must be  submitted by the deadline noted in the announcement.  

From the last year’s Information Packet, copy and paste the section pertaining to  each chair in an email, asking for input and corrections. Use this corrected  information for this year’s packet.  

Eight weeks before the show 

Collect any late information. Check with the Work Shifts Chair to be sure work shift  assignment pages will be ready on time and in a usable format.  

Five to six weeks before the show 

Obtain a list of sponsor booth participants from the Sponsorship Chair.  Send the packet to the Ceramic Showcase Chair(s) and Treasurer for input.  Finalize the information in the packet. This includes working with the Work Shifts  chair to obtain the latest possible version of work shift assignments  

Have the packet proofread by at least three other SSC members.  

Budget - Expenses include printing/copying, envelopes, and postage. The amount will depend  upon how many people check the “US MAIL” option on the Ceramic Showcase application and  the length of the document. It’s best to estimate on the high side.  

Committee Needs - Chair only. (About 40+ hours of work is needed to complete the duties.)  Work Shift Needs - None  

Records Storage and Retention 

Hard copies and computer file copies are kept with the present chair. Internet  copies are always available on the OPA web site. Are they in the password  protected area? 

Packets are to be retained by the present chair until transfer of the position at which  time documents should be sent to new chair as reference only.  

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