Mentorship Program

Want to BE an OPA Mentor or HAVE an OPA Mentor?

If you are an OPA member who would be willing to mentor a new member OR you are new to OPA and would like a mentor to help you learn the ropes, email the address below with your wants.

To be a mentor, please email your name, phone number, and some details about your participation in OPA; any committee work; what kind of art you create; and your experiences with Showcase.

If you want a mentor, email your name, phone number, and what you’d like to learn, as well as what kind of art you create.

For example  "I’ve been a member of OPA for several months and would like a mentor who does hand building (like I do). I will be an Emerging Artist at this year’s Showcase. I’d like to learn about committee work, the point system, and how to create displays for future years at Showcase."

Contact Susan Cybele for any questions or to apply.

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