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  • Thu, June 01, 2023 1:08 PM | Hsin-Yi Huang

    Electric kiln for sale. 
    Skutt-1027/240 volts/single phase with controller, including 4 kiln half shelves and 1 full round shelf. It is in very good condition. $2200. Please email Hsinyi Huang at or text 503-816-1990.

  • Fri, May 26, 2023 5:34 AM | Margaret Synan-Russell

      Oregon Episcopal school is a private Prek-12 school in SW  Portland. They have an opening for a ceramic technician- it is a part time job, you make your hours, aprox 10-20 hours a week, working evenings and weekends. Maintaining the classroom studio, pugging clay, loading firing kilns. 

    Here is the link to the school's website.

  • Sat, February 11, 2023 11:28 AM | Susan Cybele

    Last year in the 2022 OPA survey, members were asked if they 1) wanted a mentor; or 2) were willing to be a mentor.  If you are interested in either side of the mentor coin, please email me with what you're looking for (if you want a mentor), or if you're available (to be a mentor):

    or call/text: 971-219-4752

  • Fri, January 20, 2023 12:25 PM | Jeanne Henry

    Minnesota Flat Top CAR KILN complete with everything!  Contact:Jeanne Henry 503-267-2727,, - inner SE Portland

    You get:  600 hard brick, 13 hard bible brick, aprox. 840 soft brick. 36 12x24  shelves 2 Advancer, excellent condition, 24 mullite (some new,) 8 Silicone carbide shelves.  (sold only with the kiln.)

    New stainless stack-double-wall, insulated. Shelves, posts & tracks (see list below.)  Burners, safety system, blower, thermocouples. Nils Lou's kiln building & firing instructions  plus his layer by layer photos. 

    • Roof brackets & kiln cart made by Nils Lou in 1977.  His complete instructions, for both building & firing the kiln, plus his layer by layer photos. 
    • Kiln cart rolls into studio on two 10 ½’ lengths of steel brackets pushed into to two 9’ lengths secured to floor.
    • 2 burners, squirrel cage blower system, safety system, thermocouples, (additional lengths of 2” gas lines also available)
    • All the shelves & support furniture.
    • The 2x4 supports for the roof for building the roof AND a huge right-angle device to true up the sides when building to keep it square
    • The stack is almost new, insulated, double wall, on a new hard brick flue with damper.
    •  Fires with propane or natural gas. 

    Price:  $3,000 if you disassemble. $4,000 if you don’t. If new: Materials only$12,000- $15,000! (Access from kiln shed, across lawn to driveway.) 

     NOTE: Online:1/2 size of mine, new Olympic car kiln is $12,000, or $24,000 for larger size. (Neither had track, stack, shelves, burners etc.) Internet says “$25k - $90k.

    It’s a very clean burning downdraft kiln. During heavy reduction, you can see clearly to the back wall, if firing right, there is no detectible smoke from the stack or peeps. 10 years ago, I changed recipes and went from cone 10 to cone 6-7.  All comes apart to make it taller or shorter to fit your needs.  The weight of the stack &  compression from the steel rods holds everything together. It’s so easy to load, you can see what you’re doing on 3 sides to load/unload without stressing! 

    24 12 x 24  good mullite shelves, some almost new  2 12 x 24   Advancer shelves excellent condition (I’m keeping one) 8 12 x 24 silicon carbide shelves  Cut hard brick shelf supports in various heights. 

  • Sun, October 16, 2022 10:50 AM | Catherine Walworth

    In need of a small, used pugger. 

    TIA, Catherine Walworth

    Coos Bay, OR   541-260-7205

  • Mon, July 04, 2022 10:24 PM | Jenny Watson

    My work will be on the art space shelves for the months of July and August. Please come by to support the Cafe and to see my new work.

    The Behind the Museum Cafe

    1229 SW 10th Ave. (behind the Portland Art Museum)

    Wed-Sun  11-5;  Mon, Tues 11-3pm

  • Thu, April 21, 2022 2:58 PM | Mary Roberts

    We are delighted to announce a group ceramics show at the not-for-profit Hoffman Center for the arts featuring Dwayne Sackey, Eli Pilkington, Lew Allen, Lori Allen, Sam Newman, Joe Robinson, and Aubrey Sloan. 

    May 6–29 | 1:00-5:00pm

    Fridays through Sundays

    594 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, Oregon

  • Thu, March 10, 2022 9:02 AM | Anonymous

    Folks, I need a studio. That is to say, I need a space where I can work with wet clay, to produce my pottery forms, in quantity, and carry the process to completion. I need access to existing kilns, or be able to install my own electric kilns. I am currently in Portland, but as far as location is concerned, all possibilities considered. For questions or with information contact me

    Many thanks.

  • Fri, March 04, 2022 9:45 AM | Nancy Y Adams

    Nancy y Adams/Clay Artist


    My work has just been juried into the 24th San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts National Ceramic Competition

    April 6-June 26,2022

    San Angelo Museum of Fine Art

    One Love Street

    San Angelo Texas

  • Thu, March 03, 2022 12:21 PM | Mary Roberts

    At Hoffman Center for the Arts

    Manzanita, Oregon

    For the month of March we are featuring ceramics of Mary Roberts. 

    Mary is interested in elegant and modern forms with a feeling of volume. She seeks tension between perfection in the forms with imperfection in surface through carving, texturing, etching, drawing, or applying slip to a refined shape.

    This balancing act seems like a metaphor for just about everything. The search for perfection or ideal and then the beauty that comes from messiness and imperfection. 

    Mary is a local potter and volunteer with the Hoffman Center for the Arts.  

    This exhibit opens this Friday March 4 and continues every Friday through Sunday, 1-5pm, until March 27. Hoffman Center for the Arts

    594 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita, Oregon

    The gallery is free and open to the public.

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