Publicity Chair

Job Description

The publicity chair oversees the combined advertising campaign for Ceramic Showcase (CS) & Gathering of the Guilds (GOTG). They write the messaging priorities for both organizations each year; work with the media planner to create an effective advertising strategy; make sure proposed media contracts stay within budget; present strategy+contracts+design to both the CS Committee & GOTG Board; and manage the team of people that create the combined marketing campaign assets - making sure they deliver on time. Having a publicity chair who can coordinate all of the moving parts and manage people is critical to a successful show.

Skills required

  • Be personable and work with a team. Be able to work with multiple personality types.
  • Write. Gather information from CS and GOTG in order to update the Press Releases with the latest information for that year’s show. Writing includes concise blurbs to media partners.
  • Excellent communication. Meet (via Zoom) with our media planner to create an effective Media Plan that stays within budget.
  • Comprehend plan and clearly present it to both CS and GOTG. Communicate with graphic designer to create the ad campaign. Present marketing campaign designs to CS and GOTG before delivering to the media planner.


  • Oversee all Ceramic Showcase marketing efforts
  • Ensure branding guidelines are being followed
  • Update press releases for CS & GOTG with current dates, locations and special highlights
  • Coordinate multiple Chairs and volunteers to make sure the messaging and deliverables are consistent with the press release
  • Create a deliverables spreadsheet for the graphic designer that includes required assets, delivery dates and output formats for print, digital, TV/video and radio ads
  • Write short copy used in our marketing efforts, ~50 words
  • Respond to all media requests for PR and provide assets, copy and/or set up interviews with vetted spokespeople

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