Co-Chairs: Debi Nelson  (503.407.6001) Larry Nelson (503.407.7378)   

ALL BOOTHS WILL HAVE BLACK PIPE AND DRAPE​ on back walls and dividing walls between booths. Each booth also will have pipe across the top front and sides that can be used to mount your lights. If you do not want pipe and drape, contact Larry or Debi during setup to have it removed.

NEW THIS YEAR: Individual members cannot rent tables, chairs, etc. from FERN (the OCC display company). Bring everything you need for your booth set up.

  • DO NOT try to resolve any pipe and drape issues with any FERN personnel. 
  • DO NOT help yourself to items from another area.
  • DO NOT remove pipe or drape by yourself. This will help the set-up run more smoothly and will help minimize additional expenses for Ceramic Showcase.

If you have questions or concerns during setup, contact Larry or Debi.


Dawn Panttaja (503.308.0374) 

Each booth receives 500 WATTS for lighting. You must use a circuit breaker bar (“power strip” with circuit-breaking capability) when using multiple electric cords in your booth. Please place the power strip where it will be easy to access, for turning lights on in the morning and off in the evening. Or use an electrical timer.

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