Chair: Peter Alsen  541-366-1495 

Keep personal valuables locked or secured at all times while you are at the show. Lock your vehicle.

Wear your Ceramic Showcase name tag while setting up, during, and breaking down the show. 

Watch for shoplifters!  

If you see a customer acting suspiciously, you may ask if they need help, escort them to the sales line, and/or report details of the person’s behavior to the show management. Request assistance from another OPA member to keep track of the person.  Contact the show management through the Information Booth or OCC Security, or contact one of the OPA Security staff stationed at the front or back door.  Report a description of the person (hair color, clothing, bags, etc) and a "last-seen" location.

Do not apprehend or physically detain any suspicious person! 

Ceramic Showcase is not responsible for shop lifting or switched or altered tags.

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