40th Annual Ceramic Showcase 2023

Application Instructions and Guidelines

Show Dates:    Set-up: April 26th & 27th/ Show: April 28th - 30th   

Location:  Oregon Convention Center Hall A-A1

Booth Eligibility - All Oregon Potters Association (OPA) 2022 members in good standing on the membership list by January 31st, 2023 are eligible to apply for a booth in 2023 Ceramic Showcase, provided their membership is renewed before application deadline. If your membership comes due after your application, you must renew to take part in Ceramic Showcase.

Gallery Only Eligibility - All Oregon Potters Association (OPA) members in good standing are eligible to apply for “gallery only” participation for 2023 Ceramic Showcase. 

Application Deadline, Show Deposit, Late Fee, & Points Penalties

  • All Booth applications require a $100 deposit.   Gallery Only applications require a $40 deposit.

  • To avoid a late fee and/or points penalty, you must finish your application and payment by Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

  • Applications received after 1/31/23 will incur a $20 non-refundable late fee in addition to your deposit.

  • If you apply after February 14th, in addition to the $20 late fee, you will be placed at the bottom of the wait list as if you have no points.   

  • For new members joining OPA in 2023, Gallery Only applications will be accepted without a late fee until March 15, 2023.

Acceptance & The Points System 

  • Notifications of acceptance, current points, committee assignments, and wait list status are sent out by email to all applicants in late February.

  • Priority for booth selection is based on how many points an artist has as of Dec. 31st, 2022.  If you are currently a Ceramic Showcase Committee Chair (or Trainee), or hold a point position with OPA, you will automatically have a place in Ceramic Showcase.  Points are earned for membership, participation in Ceramic Showcase or selected OPA events, and by doing various volunteer committee jobs for both OPA and Ceramic Showcase.

  • If the number of booth applicants exceeds the number of booths available, some members near the bottom of the points list will be wait-listed.  Most members on the waitlist DO get into the show.  Don’t let it deter you from applying!  In the event there is no room for you, your deposit will be returned or you may participate as Gallery Only.

  • The Group Booth is shared by 16 artists on shelving and pedestals provided by Ceramic Showcase.  Priority for assignment to the group booth is based on points.  

  • The Emerging Artist Booth is shared by 9 artists on shelving and pedestals provided by Ceramic Showcase.  To qualify as an Emerging Artist you must be a first time booth participant in Ceramic Showcase.  Applicants will be contacted by Emerging Artist Chair, Dawn Panttaja, to see if they qualify.

  • All booth participants are encouraged to submit a piece to the Gallery.  

  • Gallery Only application acceptance is automatic providing you are a member in good standing. 

Booth Sharing - All booths (except the Group Booth and Emerging Artist) may be shared.  The booth fee will be shared equally by the participants unless they notify the OPA Finance Committee that another percentage split would be more appropriate.  On the application there is a place to designate the member(s) with whom you would like to share.If you would like to share a booth, but don't yet have a partner, indicate IDK in this space.   

Dropping Out - The deadline to drop without any monetary penalty is March 1st, 2023.  (If you’re wait-listed, see exception below.)  If you need to drop out completely or change your participation status from Booth to Gallery On, you must contact the Ceramic Showcase Registrar (see below.)  Please include:  

  • whether you are dropping completely or changing status.

  • if you will still do your committee work.

  • if you will still do your work shifts.

  • the reason you are dropping.

Wait-List Drop Rule Exception - Artists on the wait-list will be contacted by the Building Chair as booths become available and would only forfeit their deposit if they drop AFTER accepting an available booth.

Important Dates

November 15th, 2022

Registration opens

January 31, 2023

Application Deadline: Booth & Gallery Only deposits accepted w/o late fee.  

February 1-14, 2023

Booth deposits accepted w/ $20 non-refundable late fee.

If you apply after Feb. 14, 2023

Booth deposits accepted w/ $20 non-refundable late fee plus placement at the bottom of the wait list as if you have no points.

Late February 2023

Show Acceptance Status Notifications emailed to applicants.

March 1st, 2023

Drop Deadline - Last day to drop from booth participation & receive full refund of your deposit..

March 10th 2023

Booth Selection Meeting - 6:30 pm  Meeting may be in person  or via Zoom (or a hybrid option.) You will be notified.

March 16, 2023

Gallery Only deposits accepted w/ $20 non-refundable late fee 

April 26 & 27 2023

Show Set Up

Booth Sizes & Prices - On the application, select the size booth you want.  As much as possible, the booth sizes in the show layout will be adapted to accommodate the artists’ booth choices.  **  We don’t know if all these booth selections will be available.  Member requests will be considered when determining the floor plan.

2023 Ceramic Showcase Booth Fees



Commission Rate

Gallery Only - May submit up to 3 pieces at a time.



Group Booth - 1 shelf unit, shared gridwall, shared pedestals plus 1 piece to gallery



Emerging Artist Booth - 1 shelf unit, 1 gridwall, 1 pedestal plus gallery piece



Full Booth - 10x10 in line plus may submit 1 piece to gallery


Multi Level *

Full Corner Booth - 10x10 plus may submit 1 piece to gallery 


Multi Level *

Half Booth - 5x10 in line plus may submit 1 piece to gallery


Multi Level *

Half Corner Booth - 5x10 plus may submit 1 piece to gallery


Multi Level *

Three Quarter In-Line Booth **  5x15 plus may submit 1 piece to gallery


Multi Level *

Three Quarter End-Cap Booth  ** 5x15 plus may submit 1 piece to gallery


Multi Level *

Uber Booth ** - 5x20 plus may submit 1 piece to gallery - 


Multi Level *

Studio Partner - 10x10 


                 * Multi Level Commission Rates


On the first $2,000 of sales


On the next $1,000 of sales ($2,001 to $3,000)


On the next $1,000 of sales ($3,001 to $4,000)


On the next $1,000 of sales ($4,001 to $5,500)


On all sales over $5,500

Booth Selection Meeting - Booth selection occurs in March via Zoom.  If you cannot attend, please contact the Building Chair (see below.) You may also ask a friend to choose for you. Otherwise, a booth will be assigned to you.

Work Shifts and Committee Work - Ceramic Showcase is run completely by volunteers and by the members participating in the show.  Participants are required to do work shifts at the show and committee work that occurs prior to, during, or after the show.  If you are physically fit and capable of heavy lifting, please volunteer for one of the more labor intensive committees.

Committee Work will be done before, during, and/or after the show depending on the task.  All booth participants will be given a committee assignment.  Gallery Only and Emerging Artist participants are not required to do committee work but may volunteer to do a committee job and earn an extra point.  The committee jobs available and very brief job descriptions are on the Showcase Event page at www.oregonpotters.org. 

Work Shifts are a variety of jobs done during the show.  Shifts range from 2.5 to 3 hours each.  Booth participants are required to do 3 work shifts.  Gallery Only and Emerging Artist participants are required to do 2 work shifts.  

Penalties - For Not Completing Committee or Work Shift Assignments, penalties may include but are not limited to loss of points and/or loss of eligibility to participate in Ceramic Showcase at the discretion of the Showcase Steering Committee.  

Group Booth “Sitting” Assignments - Group Booth participants will be scheduled for booth sitting assignments to greet customers, answer questions, and restock.  This is comparable to artists spending time in their own booths and does not constitute a work shift or committee work.

Installation - Ceramic Showcase sets up and displays donated pieces made by OPA members based on a theme set by the Installation Chair.  The theme will be announced by Dec. 15th 2022.  The net income from sales will benefit OPA’s Clay in Education program.  

Save Boxes Now - We need about 25 clay size boxes from each participant.  

Equipment Rental - All booths have pipe and black drape at no extra charge. If you would like to rent tables or have changes made to your pipe and drape, you must contact the Equipment Rental Chair  (see contact info below.)  The cost will be deducted from your show check.   Contact the Equipment Rental Chair for cost for special orders.

Send us Your Images! - Just once, to one place! - Help us Advertise! - 

We need FRESH, NEW images of your work to help us promote Ceramic Showcase - for the poster, in newspaper and TV advertising and on social media.  Send us as many as you can!  

Images can be sent via email to ImageManager@oregonpotters.org or via www.wetransfer.com. If using WeTransfer: 1) Select the free option, 2) Agree to their terms, and 3) Send to the email address above.

Requirements for having your work featured in print media:

    •    Submission deadline January 31, 2023
    •    High resolution (300 dpi or more) - the bigger the better! TIFF and JPEG formats preferred
    •    If your email gives you the choice of sending a smaller version, please resist - this compromises the file and makes it useless for print.     

  Please label image with:   FirstName_LastName_#.jpg                          

  Ex: Dawn_Panttaja_01.jpg , Dawn_Panttaja_02.jpg                                                                                                                                                                 

High resolution is preferred for poster/newspaper/TV, but we can also use low resolution for social media.

Social Media images:  2-3 jpegs of your work are required as part of your registration.

Show Information & Notifications

Between January and late March you will also receive the following documents by email.  These documents contain essential information.  If you do not receive them by the dates noted, please contact the Ceramic Showcase Registrar.

  • How to Make Our Show Successful - Early to mid February 

  • Show Acceptance Status Notification - Mid to late February

  • Ceramic Showcase Information Packet - Late March

If you have any questions, please use the contact list below:

Building Chair/Booth Picking

Aubrey Sloan


College Booth Liaison

Carolyn Bulkley


Committee Placement Chair

Connie Cheifetz


Emerging Artist Coordinator

Dawn Panttaja


Equipment Rental Co-Chairs

Larry & Debi Nelson



Group Booth Chair

Sam MacKenzie


High School Gallery

Image Manager (for Pub/Ad photos)

Sharon Greenwood


OPA Finance Committee Contact


Points Chair

Gretchen Lambert


Publicity/Advertising Chair

Sharon Greenwood



Deb Moen


Showcase Chair

Page Hawley


Studio Partnership Liaison

Jami LeBaron


Work Shift Chair

Jennifer Hill


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