Showcase Committee Chair Openings

Taking any of these positions assures you a booth at Showcase, but please note, this is NOT a one event commitment. Trainees are signing up to take over in 2024 (or 25), stay in the position for at least 3 years and training someone before they leave. 

1.  Ceramic Showcase Vice Chair:

Start now! Assist Chair with the following:
Oversee the physical and contractual aspects of Ceramic Showcase.
Assist in preparation and running of Steering Committee meetings.
Keep in contact with all Ceramic Showcase Committee Chairs 
Be on call at all times during the show from the beginning of setup until the hall is empty after the show.  15 Points

2.  Showcase Secretary Trainee:

Shadow the current secretary to be ready to take over these jobs for 2023-24:

From September – May attend monthly meetings via Zoom plus in person Wrap Up meeting & Visions Meeting (late spring & summer)

Take notes and prepare minutes with action items for distribution within a week of the meeting.

3.  Committee Placement Chair Trainee:

 If you know your way around Showcase and OPA and are looking to up your commitment to the next level, this may be the position for you. Your job is to recruit new chair trainees in the fall and early winter for any departing chairs. As Showcase registration reaches completion, it is then your task to assign all participants to a committee. After Showcase is done, you help to collect ‘wrap reports’ from the committee chairs. Communication skills (mostly by email), attention to details and timelines, sociability, patience and discretion are all assets in this position. You would work alongside the current chair for this year, and next, if necessary, before being on your own and chairing for at least more years. 4 points as trainee; 12 points as chair

4.  Sponsorship Chair Trainee:

Showcase has a few long-standing sponsors that need to be contacted each year for their financial and in-kind support. We are also interested in growing this position beyond its current status. The ability to be gracious to long standing donors and brainstorm with other members to recruit new sponsorships for Showcase is what’s needed. Also imperative is getting sponsorship information to the right committees   so our supporters can be properly acknowledged. Work alongside our long-time sponsorship chair this year to take over this committee next year and for at least 3 years going forward. 4 points as trainee; 12 points as chair

5.  Showcase Publicity Team, 2024: 

We’ll be building a new Publicity Team for next year. We need innovative thinkers with skills to create content and plan a full-fledged marketing campaign across all formats. Typically, this job is divided into parts, so all members need to be team players with good communication skills. Other skills needed include writing, photo prep, video, graphic design, planning & coordination.

Interested or want more information? Contact Committee Placement Chair Connie Cheifetz  

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