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Firing Methods
  • Electric
  • Raku
  • Mid-Range
  • Low-Fire
Types of Clay Used
  • White Earthenware
  • Stoneware
  • Porcelain
Forming Methods and Techniques
  • Wheel Thrown
  • Slabs
  • Pinched
  • Molded
  • Hand Built
  • Draped
  • Coil
  • Carved
Finishing Methods and Techniques
  • Dip or Poured Glazes
  • Painted Slips
  • Underglazes
  • Raw
  • Sprayed Glazes
  • Washes
Forms Types
  • Plates
  • Tea Bowls
  • Flower Vases
  • Bud Vase
  • Vessel
  • Organic
  • Figurative
Artwork Description
  • Functional
  • Non-Functional
  • Garden
  • Figurative
  • Multimedia
  • Sculpture
  • Vessel
  • Abstract
  • Organic
  • Bright
  • Earthy
  • Complex
Artist Statement
Many of my sculptures capture moments in time from an observers perspective - with people crossing paths and interacting. Most works are done with mid ranged fire clay and glaze, and some are finished by airbrushed and mixed media. Some are framed and ready to hang.

The Clay has qualities that I symbolically associate with the earth’s ancientness and with people. From attitudes and beliefs evolved over time, we build layers, each a facade for the other. The layers of facades we build are like the layers of the earth, deep and aged.
I attempt to tear away these layers, to unearth fears, and feelings that are not readily spoken off.
I first started working in clay forty-seven years ago in my home state of New York. I have been a member of the Oregon Potters Association since 1991 and have worked in various roles in OPA from Justice Center Window Gallery setup and Chair of Ceramic Showcase and 2009 OPA president. I have a working and teaching studio and am currently teaching Elementary Art education. I participate in both solo and group shows throughout the NW.

Clay Educators

Educator Type
  • Community College
  • Middle School or High School
  • Elementary School
  • Resident Artist
  • Workshops
Name of Institution or Studio
Oregon Episcopal School, Synan Art Studio
Class Location
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I offer 1-1 lessons in hand-building functional and sculptural ceramics.
I cater my lesson to the student's needs.

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