• Elevate Your Booth PresenceInvesting time throughout the day, whether in the morning or at day's end, to replenish, rearrange, and refresh your booth can significantly impact its appeal to customers. Avoid last-minute planning and construction; your booth's aesthetic should align consistently with your artwork—be it refined, casual, rustic, or whimsical, steering clear of a hastily assembled, temporary appearance.
  • Uncluttered Elegance: Maintain an uncluttered booth with strategically placed empty spaces. Embrace the philosophy of "less is more," designating a back stock storage area. Showcase a curated inventory, minimizing distracting display props. Shoppers decide within 8-10 seconds, so make their experience effortless.
  • Variety and Groupings: Offer a diverse array of pieces to cater to different tastes. Opt for multiple small works, encouraging customers to choose from the group. Avoid mass-producing identical items, as uniqueness is a key attraction for buyers seeking something special.
  • Illuminating Presence: Illuminate your booth generously; there's no such thing as too much light. Even in well-lit halls, the right lighting enhances your display. Always have extra lights on hand to create an inviting ambiance.
  • Booth Presence: Spend ample time in your booth; successful sellers are often found there. Engage with customers, sharing your artistic process or stories. Being present enhances your sales and contributes to the overall success of the show.
  • Booth Buddy System: Enlist the help of a "booth buddy" to manage shifts, allowing you to connect with customers. This non-potter assistant can provide valuable support during the showcase.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow artists, learning from their experiences. Introduce yourself, share your story, and build connections. Networking enhances the sense of community, making the show more enjoyable.
  • Efficient Load-In: Practice efficient load-in techniques, including backing up your vehicle skillfully for a faster and smoother setup.
  • Self-Care Essentials: Prioritize self-care by bringing a reusable water bottle and healthy snacks to sustain you throughout the event.
  • First Year Exhibitor Recognition: If it's your first year, proudly display a "First Year Exhibitor" card on your booth curtain. This communicates your rookie status to attendees.
  • Name Tags: Keep your name tag in the booth to ensure you don't forget it at home.
  • Booth Photography: Capture photos of your booth and others you admire for future reference and improvement.
  • Embrace the Experience: Relax and enjoy the showcase. Embrace the camaraderie and cooperative spirit that defines the event.
  • Stay Positive: Uphold the principles of cooperation that define the showcase. Avoid public complaints and negativity, as they can impact sales and overall morale. Celebrate the collaborative effort that makes the event great.

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