Keeping Up Appearances

If you spend a little time during the day, and/or at the end of the day, re-stocking, re-arranging, refreshing, and attending to your booth, it can make a lot of difference in how your booth looks, and how much it appeals to customers. Don't wait until the last minute to plan, design and construct your booth display. The look of it needs to be consistent with the look of the work. Refined, casual, rustic, whimsical. Not thrown together and temporary.


Don’t clutter your booth, keep some empty spaces. And as always, less is more - design a back stock storage spot in the booth. Less inventory displayed, less distracting display props. It is about your artwork NOTHING else - but shoppers need to be able to see their work with minimal effort. Average time shoppers look is 8-10 seconds before deciding whether to stop or move on.

Variety and groupings

Having multiple small works of a kind so people will want to choose from the group.  Have a variety of pieces. Don’t make 100 of the same thing. People are looking for unique things. 


The one exception to less is more is your lighting. You can never have too much light! And even in a lighted convention hall your light really matters. Good lighting is everything. Have extra lights for your booth always helps. 

Booth Presence

Spend as much time as possible in your booth. The top ten sellers in the show are almost always in or near their booths.  Some customers may just want to be left alone but others will want to hear about your process, what inspires you, or even about your mistakes.  Being present will improve your sales as well as the show’s sales.

Booth Buddy

Ask a “booth buddy” non-potter friend to help you, or several booth buddies. Your booth buddy can work your shifts at Showcase, freeing you up to meet customers in your booth.


Take time to introduce yourself to at least one or two showing artists with work you admire. Ask them about their clay story, how long they've been participating in Showcase, and share with them some aspects of their work you enjoy. Introduce yourself to members you don't know. Reach out to the people you connect with there, especially if you live out of town. Go around and meet us all, is fun! You will learn a lot. 

Loading In

Practice backing up your vehicle, so load-in is faster & easier. 

Self Care

Bring a reusable water bottle to fill at the OCC and non-messy, healthy snacks to fuel you.

First Year Exhibitor Signage

If it’s your first year, let people know! Make a 6x8 card that said “First Year Exhibitor” and clipped it onto the curtain in your booth. 

Name Tags

Leave your name tag in your booth so you don't forget it at home.

Booth Photography

For future reference, take photos of your booth & the booth of others you like.

Have fun!

Relax and enjoy yourself! 

Stay Positive

Remember that OPA & Showcase were founded and thrived on the principle & power of cooperation. Celebrate being with your tribe and working together to make this great thing! Discussion of complaints and negativity should be excluded in public areas - it’s the fastest way to bring down sales & morale.

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