OPA Board Vice President

Sets agendas for and chairs coordinator meetings. Can take the place of the President when needed. 

This position is intended to serve as a one year training period for the OPA presidency and as a backup for running meetings in the event the President cannot attend. 


Job Duties

  • Attend general and board meetings.

  • Run the meeting if needed.

  • Attend Finance meetings to become familiar with the budget.

  • Prepare for your year as president by planning your focus and goals.

  • Oversee the Program Coordinators and run the Program Coordinators meeting.  Request reports prior to meetings to be sent to the VP and Program Secretary.  

  • If we are renewing our NCECA Institutional Membership, the Vice President must complete the NCECA form and submit it to the treasurer for payment by the end of November (to avoid the end of year payment panic and get the President Elect’s name on the record prior to when conference passes become available).

Education / Experience / Skills

  • Prior experience in the OPA organization is required.  Prior participation on the OPA Board or on a Ceramic Showcase Committee is desirable.

  • Skills include, good organization, follow through, patience and understanding, ability to work well with people, and good communication skills.

  • Simple word processing skills as well as email skills are a must.

  • Must be familiar with the OPA Operations Manual, the OPA Articles of Incorporation, the OPA Bylaws, the Ceramic Showcase Policies, and ORS 65 (the Oregon Statute covering Oregon nonprofits).

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