The Birds and the Bees - Showcase Installation Workshop, Showcase Meeting

  • Sun, February 12, 2017
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Sara Swink's Studio West Linn, OR
Free Hands-On Workshop!

Join us as we create work for our 2017 Installation at Ceramic Showcase. We'll be building "Birds and Bees" (and flowers too) garden art to be sold at Ceramic Showcase to benefit our Clay in Education program.

This workshop will be lead by Sandy Houtman and Susan Pachuta and is free of charge to all OPA members. We'll provide the clay (White Salmon) and the stick. You'll want to bring your favorite hand tools.

Location: Sara Swink's studio (461 SW Alderwood Dr, West Linn 97068)

Workshop: 11am to 1pm followed by a potluck

Our Ceramic Showcase meeting will follow from 2-4. All are welcome!

Please RSVP for the Workshop with Installation Chair Pat Berman at (541)602-1654.

Any question about Ceramic Showcase meetings should be sent to Dawn Panttaja at (503)285-6786

Showcase Installation

The Installation is our annual fundraiser. Potters are asked to contribute work: 100% of the sales supports Clay in Education. This year, we’ll do something different, to keep the footprint of the Installation smaller. The theme is The Birds and the Bees.

We’re making flowers, and anything that pollinates or co- exists with them that can go on the end of a stick! Up to 6 inches diameter maximum, with a downtube at least 1 1⁄2 inches long to fit over a piece of 1⁄4 inch bamboo. Allow for shrinkage- the bamboo isn’t uniform and you can fill any extra space with waterproof silicone or epoxy. These pieces can be thrown or hand built, and will be displayed bouquet style in buckets. Most pieces will mount on 3 foot sticks, so it helps to keep the weight down or they won’t want to stand up when they’re “planted”. These should be garden safe. Small pieces can go on the 1 foot scraps (cut off 4 foot lengths) and will be displayed in flower pots.

Flowers can be created from small thrown bowls, slabs, pinched, molded, or pressed. Birds, bees, insects of all kinds would be very fun additions as would leaves, seed pods, etc. Let your imagination go wild and play with some ideas, fill those small empty spaces in your kiln over the next few months.


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