Info Meeting - Opportunity: show and/or travel in Sapporo, Japan 2018

  • Wed, April 05, 2017
  • 6:45 PM
  • 6:45 at 3290 SE Harrison, 97214, inner SE Portland, not Milwaukie

The Hokkaido Potters Association (HPS) has invited 30 OPA members (and Oregon children) to exhibit in Sapporo at the beautiful Contemporary Art Museum.


*Show dates: Aug. 23- Sept. 3, 2018 

*Works by 30 OPA members. (theme and/or size restrictions TBA) So far, must fit on 18" square pedestal or be wall hung.

*Kid's project: Oregon and Hokkaido children to make totems.  (See Photos below!)

*Any OPA member may jury, any OPA member (& partner) may travel!

*There may also be separate activities/events organized with the Mashiko potters, if there is time and interest.

*Travel dates aprox. Aug 20 - Sept 5 including show installation, break down and/or mini trips and other events. (Travelers make their own  flight plans.) 

*Traveling potters may bring to sell in the museum gift shop, 5 mugs and 3 small pieces.

*OPA can also make a fundraising object to sell (past items were tee shirts and printed bandannas.) 

* Grants must be obtained to fund the shipping of clay pieces to Sapporo. (many $1000's!) Usually, monies are NOT available for individual's travel.  Although it would be great to find ways to help pay for travel, but not likely unless one of you looks into it and applies. 


There will be a 6:45 meeting Weds, April 5 for any OPA member interested in learning more. 

6:45 at 3290 SE Harrison, 97214, inner SE Portland, not Milwaukie.  503-232-9473

If you are interested in participating and CANNOT come to the meeting PLEASE email Jeanne Henry with your area of interest!!

1st Meeting Agenda, areas of interest: 

1. OPA show jury criteria, details, timing, 

2. Oregon kids' totem project.  Theme, criteria, implementation (see photos below.) 30-40 pieces, HPS will provide stands and spacers. 

3. grant possibilities, who to research & apply

4. interest areas: OPA member exhibition, kid's project, grants, travel issues, Mashiko opportunities, housing/home stays...

There are many details to work out later this year, but now, securing grants to pay for shipping OPA & kids totem pieces and OPA jury decisions must start. We will begin setting up small sub-committees that will be respectful of each person's time and capacity. 

Photos of Japanese children's totems, 2009 sapporo exhibition in same location.


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