(FULL) Free hands on "Peace Poles" Workshop: Portland, OR

  • Sun, February 04, 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • James DeRosso's Studio on SE 47th and Belmont St., Portland, OR
  • 15


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NW Potters Interpret Their World
Creating work for the 2018 Ceramic Showcase Installation 

Workshop One: Creating work for the 2018 Ceramic Showcase Installation

Our first workshop, (with other workshops to follow), will be held at James DeRosso's Studio on SE 47th and Belmont St., Portland.  

This workshop will be creating objects to build 12” and 23” tall ceramic based sculptures to be exhibited and sold at OPA Ceramic Showcase April 27th - 29th. All Sculptures will be built around a general theme of Pacific North Westerner’s Interpret Their Worlds, and each sculpture will have a more specific idea, or guiding title such as Ocean Life, Tallest Trees of,  Volcanic Mountains of the PNW,  Sea Creatures from…, Rock Formations on the 
Coast of ….  So bring ideas of a series of objects or a theme that can relate in some way to the identity of living in the the Pacific Northwest in 2018.  

Pieces will be introduced, conceived, informed, and begun at the workshop.  They will need more attention as they dry in the days following and will be fired, finished and assembled before the Ceramic Showcase exhibition in April. 

Date: February 4th, Sunday 

Times: Arrival & start time at 10:00 am end time: at 4 pm 

Size limit: 15 Workshop is Full

RSVP: by clicking on the register button on the left and filling out the form.

Bring your own food for lunch, or bring a small potluck item to share. 

Area Restaurants: Mostly food Carts and the best bagels at the Red Square coffee shop down Belmont St.

QuestionsContact Michael Simmons 


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