Ceramic Showcase 2024 Registration

  • Fri, April 05, 2024
  • 12:00 AM - 11:30 PM


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • If you're a Gallery Only participant and a current OPA member, your acceptance is automatic.
    There is no registration fee for showing in the Gallery only.
    You must be an OPA member to participate in the Gallery.
    Gallery only registration is from December 15th to April 5th.

Registration is closed

Ceramic Showcase Application

Set-up: Wednesday April 17th & Thursday 18th

Show: Friday April 19th - Sunday 21st   

Location:  Oregon Convention Center Hall D

Ceramic Showcase started in 1983 and has grown to one of the largest pottery shows in the country. We welcome you to join us and bring your best work to Showcase. This incredible event draws pottery enthusiasts and collectors from all over the Pacific Northwest. Our unique central sales system creates opportunities for potters to get out of their booths and form community with other artists. If you are a new participant or a veteran, please take the time to read the entire application as there are many changes this year.

Eligibility and Registration

Showcase registration is open to all current members of the Oregon Potters Association in 2024. Your membership must be active at the time of registration and remain active until the end of the event. If your membership expires after you apply, you need to renew it to participate in the Showcase.

Not a member yet? Its easy to join - Join OPA

Registration is open between December 15, 2023, and January 31, 2024. Each booth participant pays a $50 non-refundable registration fee. Registrations after January 31st incur a $20 late fee and are added to the end of the waitlist, no matter how many points you have. 

Showcase acceptance status is emailed in late February. Please be aware that booth types are limited and your original booth size preference may not be available at booth picking. 

Gallery Only Participation

If you are a current OPA member, your acceptance into the Gallery is automatic.
There is no registration fee for showing in the Gallery only. You must be an OPA member to participate in the Gallery.
Gallery Only registration is from December 15th to April 5th.

Booth Picking & The Points System 

  • The order for choosing booths depends on how many OPA member points you have. 

  •  If you're currently a Ceramic Showcase committee chair or trainee, you are guaranteed a spot at Ceramic Showcase. 

  • You can earn points through your OPA membership, taking part in Ceramic Showcase or specific OPA events, and volunteering for different committees within OPA and Ceramic Showcase.

  • Booth Picking Meeting is March 1st in downtown Portland. If you cannot attend, please contact the Building Chair. You may also ask a friend to choose for you. Otherwise, a booth will be assigned to you.


  • If there are more people applying for booths than there are booths available, some members with fewer points will be put on a waitlist. Most people on the waitlist eventually get into the show, so don't be discouraged!

  • If you don’t receive a booth by Showcase, you'll get your registration fee refunded, and you can still participate in the Gallery. 

  • Waitlist artists are refunded their registration fee unless they drop out after accepting an available booth.

Group Booth

  • The Group Booth provides shelving and pedestals and is a good option if you don’t have your own booth furnishings.

  • Group booth has 16 slots. Slots are assigned based on points.

  • In addition to committee work and workshifts, group booth participants are required to work group booth sitting shifts to greet customers, answer questions, and restock.

Emerging Artist

  • The Emerging Artist Booth provides shelving and pedestals and is reserved for first-time booth participants at Ceramic Showcase.

  • There are 9 emerging artists spaces.

  • Acceptance into the Emerging Artist booth is decided by the Emerging Artist Chair based on application and interview.

Studio Partners

OPA studio partners are charged the same rate for booth fees as individual members. All studio partner individual artists selling at studio partner booths must pay the $50 registration fee. There is no special registration for Studio Partners - use regular registration. Once studio partners register, we will add studio partner inidividual artists registrations. 

Booth Sharing 

  • All booths, except the Group Booth and Emerging Artist, can be shared.

  • A primary booth holder pays the booth fee. The shared costs among booth sharers must be arranged by themselves; OPA does not split fees.

  • Each participant must apply and pay their own $50 registration fee when applying.

  • You can specify the member(s) you want to share the booth with in the application.

  •  If you want to share a booth but don't have a partner yet, please check that box on the application. We can help you find a booth sharing partner.  

Refunds/Dropping Out

If you need to withdraw from the event or change your participation status, please get in touch with the Ceramic Showcase Registrar . Make sure to provide the following information:

  • Specify if you're completely dropping out or changing your status.

  • Indicate if you'll still fulfill your committee and work shifts responsibilities.

  • Explain the reason for your decision to drop out.

Registration fees are non-refundable. Booth fees are only refundable if we are able to fill your booth space with someone on the waitlist. 

Important Dates

December 15th, 2023

Registration opens

January 31, 2024

Booth registration closes

If you apply after Jan 31st

Registration accepted w/ $20 non-refundable late fee plus placement at the bottom of the wait list as if you have no points.

Late February 

Show Acceptance Status Notifications emailed to applicants.

March 1st

Booth Picking Meeting  - Half of Booth Fee due.

April 5

Balance of booth fee due and Gallery Only registration closes 

April 17 & 18 

Show Set Up and Committee work for Booth Participants


Participants pay a registration fee, flat booth fee AND commission on all work sold. Individual booths pay a graduated commission rate. 

Booth fees are based on size and type of booth. All booths include pipe, black drape and electric power. 

Half of the booth fee is due at time of booth picking on March 1st. The remainder of the booth fee is due April 12th. Failure to pay booth fees means you cannot participate in Showcase. 

Booth Types  

Due at registration  

Due March 1st   

Due April 5th   

Total Cost  
















1/2 Corner















Full Corner 





3/4 End-Cap 






All sales must go through the centralized sales system. Participants are not allowed to sell any work directly. In addition to booth fees, all participants pay a commission to Ceramic Showcase on all sales. Commission rates are based on the amount you sell and what kind of booth you are in. The commission rate decreases incrementally based on the total sales. The first $2000 of sales is charged at 17% commission. The next $1000 is charged a 14% commission. For example, you sell $3500 worth of pottery, the commission is $340 (17% of $2000) plus $140 (14% of $1000) plus $60 (12% of $500). The total commission would be $540 in addition to your booth fee.  

Booth Type


Individual Booth

17% on first $2000

14% on $2001 - $3000

12% on $3,001 - $4,000

10% on $4,001 - $5,500

5% on any amount over $5501  

Group and Emerging

20% on all sales


20% on all sales

Gallery Only and College

30% on all sales

Work Shifts and Committee Work 

Ceramic Showcase is run by volunteers and by the members participating in the show.  Participants are required to do workshifts at the show AND committee work that occurs prior to, during, or after the show.  

Committee Work will be done before, during, and/or after the show depending on the task.  All booth participants will be given a committee assignment.  Gallery Only and Emerging Artist participants are not required to do committee work but may volunteer to do a committee job and earn an extra point. 

Work Shifts are a variety of jobs done during the show.  Shifts range from 2.5 to 3 hours each.  Booth participants are required to do a maximum of 3 work shifts.  Gallery Only and Emerging Artist participants are required to do a maximum of 2 work shifts.  


For not completing committee or workshift assignments, penalties may include but are not limited to additional 5% commission per workshift missed, loss of points, and/or loss of eligibility to participate in Ceramic Showcase at the discretion of the Showcase Steering Committee.  


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