Oregon Potters Association:Ceramic Showcase 2024 Policies

  • OPA may use video or still likenesses of myself, my booth, and/or my work in OPA’s promotional materials.
  • I indemnify Ceramic showcase & OPA against personal injury to myself, my booth, or anyone working with me.
  • I indemnify Ceramic Showcase & OPA against Acts of God or Terrorism. 
  • I understand that failure to abide by these rules may result in fines and/or ineligibility for future participation in Ceramic Showcase

All work displayed and sold must be made of clay

Every piece displayed at Ceramic Showcase must have a significant clay component, and the primary value of the piece must come from this clay component. This primary value can refer to the financial, labor, or visual importance of the clay in the overall piece. No reproductions of clay work created in non-clay media (e.g., cards showing images of ceramic work, even if they depict the member's original ceramic pieces) may be sold.

Work must be for sale

At least 90% of an artist's work displayed at Ceramic Showcase must be available for sale. The only exception is for Gallery Only participants, who can display a piece marked as "Not For Sale".

Work must be made by participant

All work showcased at Ceramic Showcase must be original and made by the participating member. No commercially made bisque ware or slip-cast molds unless they are the exhibiting member's original design.

Work must be in good condition 

No seconds, chipped, cracked, or damaged work.

Custom Orders

Any first payment of deposit or other money that changes hands during the show will be charged the standard commission. Money that changes hands after the show will not be charged a commission.

Artist to Artist Sales

Potters may buy directly from each without using the cashier system and without paying commissions. Leave a note with your contact info if you spot a piece and the artist is not in their booth. Do not remove a piece from any booth without having paid for the piece.

Showcase Gallery

All work for gallery display should be durable and withstand normal  handling.  The gallery committee will not display work that is difficult to handle safely ( fragile, overly large or heavy).  All  hanging pieces must be constructed to hang safely. 

Committee work and Workshifts 

Failure to fulfill committee work or work shift assignments may result in a points reduction and/or a 5% increase in commission per workshift missed paid to Showcase.

Damage and Breakage 

The OPA and Ceramic Showcase do not carry insurance to cover breakage, damaged work or theft. Members are encouraged to carry their own  insurance.  

Ceramic Showcase Broken Work Policy

If a participant’s work is broken during Showcase by OPA  members or volunteers, participants can submit a reimbursement claim.  

Claims for broken items must be made during Showcase. Claims forms are available at the Information Booth. Broken items will be stored in the Gallery Holding area until the end of the show. Reimbursements are based on net payment after  commission. Maximum breakage reimbursement is $1000 per participating member, not per piece. After the claim is submitted, the Steering Committee will assess the work’s construction and the artist's booth furniture to determine the validity of the claim. 

Work priced under $20 and work not displayed for sale is not eligible for reimbursement.  Ceramic Showcase will not cover missing work or altered tags.  

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